BEST 10 VEGAN RECIPES | Hummus, Falafel, Shakshuka, Charcoaled Eggplant and more


We are talking about vegan recipes today! Meatless recipes are staples of Turkish cuisine just as much as the very well known kebabs and they are the recipes perfected by our ancestors over time. These recipes are not created to omit any meat or dairy product, but they are created to be enjoyed and appreciated on their own. Let me give you best 10 vegan recipes of our channel and celebrate, share with your loved ones every single of them!

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1) MOST WATCHED Hummus Recipe You Will Surely Use Your Whole Life!

2)Turkish Style Şakşuka aka Shakshuka w/🍅 Sauce + Fried 🍆 MIND BLOWING 🤯 + Eggplant Cooking TIPS 🔍

3) How to Make Falafel? Falafel Recipe That Will Make You So Happy Every Time!


5)Ci Borek Recipe | Turkish Relative of Empanada, Samosa, Pastelillos + Vegan and Vegetarian Options!

6)Turkish Artichoke Recipe | Anyone Can Cook Well! Even a Rookie Like My Friend Seda 😏

7)Easy and Yummy Mezze Recipes! Tapas in Spain, Thali in India and MEZZE in Turkey!

8)Fava Bean Hummus, Turkish Fava, Cypriot Bakla | 3 Incredible Recipes Broad Beans 🎉 DON’T MISS OUT!

9)How to Make KISIR, Turkish Version Of Tabbouleh | The Recipe That Keeps You Full and Satisfied!

10)RAINBOW Salad w/LENTIL & COUSCOUS Recipe 🤓 Vegan Protein BOMB Guaranteed to Fulfill 💣

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  1. Oh man I already commented and now I see your big announcement! Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 you deserve it!
    I love your channel because when I see the smiles and happiness on my family’s face every time they eat something I made from your recipes, I get overwhelmed with happiness and I feel so good about those memories we are making. All because of you! Everything you teach on your videos has amazing flavors
    Thanks for the hard work you do!

  2. Refika abla love your videos because you exude positive energy and I need that in my life 🙂 I've been going to Kuzguncuk for more than a decade now but never got to come across you. One day maybe, eh 🙂

    PS. I tried your Mercimek köftesi recipe, it turned out better than expected given that I messed up and added bulgur while there was still quite a bit of water but it was my first time. I'll make it again.

  3. Congratulations! I’m happy to see your channel reaches 500k 🎉 yay!
    I love watching your channel and find new ideas and menus to try. Loving the food from different cultures and it make the vegan and vegetarian food doesn’t sound boring 😉
    Somehow my attempt to make flat bread and lavash still fail. But I don’t mind to try again and again until I can make them perfectly. 😁

  4. Hmm. Why do I love your channel… I think one of my favorite things about your channel is your energy. You’re so positive, and you have a team around you that compliment you and your style so well. Next, I would say is how you make your recipes, and instruction so understandable. You explain why you do each step, and it helps to understand how to make the food turn out well. I love how you love your culture, and how you are willing to share it with all of us. I love how the food tastes. I’ve used your videos and recipes to make some absolutely amazing meals. So I pretty much love everything about your channel. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every episode on your English channel more than once, and have even watched your Turkish channel, even though I don’t speak Turkish. I’ve gone so far as to try to translate and convert the measurements on your recipes that I’ve seen on your Turkish channel. (If you have those in English I would be ever so grateful to know where I can find them). 😊 oh! And you helped me survive the lockdowns with your positivity. So those are some of the Top reasons I love your channel. Wishing you the best!

  5. I just love how lively and positive you are. I learn a lot about Turkish cuisine and culture in general. Like 10th year old or so wooden spoon (which is unthinkable where I come from) or some special Turkish paprika and I want to try everything you speak of soooo much! Thank you! Also I love chebureks, but the dry version called "yantyk", no idea how to spell it, it's from Tatar cuisine #IloveRefikaskitchen

  6. I always believe in Sharing. You are Caring by Sharing your recipe. I am a vegetarian and I am so happy that you have so many vegetarian dishes. I first bumped on this channel when i was searching for hummus and mind me I've never tried any other recipe. I did post it on Instagram too! The pomegranate sour was a super hit at home. I used to make pepper paste but yours helped me do better! And now to your giveaway I want this knife it is so fascinating. Love your channel for all the things you do here for a very supportive team that you have.
    Much love
    God bless

  7. Ya I pressed subscribe long time ago but now i know about the bell !! Let me press it !!! Congratulations more for the 1 million subscribers soon , I like watching ur videos because you make it so easy and the recipes are perfect super tasty , mostly I love watching you with all the team ,we feel the vibes (happy& amazing team spirit) in ur kitchen ! Feels warm home kitchen …Keep the spirit .. well done !! When I visited turkey I ordered one meal then the first moment I tasted I immediately asked the waiter to get me every thing in the menu ! It was super tasty that I took them take away and kept enjoying the taste at the hotel 😃you all know the taste of ur mouth and very well cooked … I read alot and been enjoying cooking since young age ,I know that turkish cuisine has influenced many recipes around the globe … when we dig deep you just find it originally there … and the taste is just super super! For those who loves food like myself … my friends… thanks a million I love kale spinach lentil brookely beetroot fresh and organically grown,I also use ( freek ) more than (rice )african beans organic avocado ,matokee or kasava and they have also maze full meal also super healthy and gives you energy ..this enrich my side dishes or main dishes. .. i love to prepare veggie soup full of vitamins and minerals with nuts also…I use almond milk rice milk not too much coconut milk only for sweat dishes … egg free mayonnaise… for sweat potato chips and vegan cheese …

  8. #iloverefikaskitchen ….. I just need this knife……

    You videos are full information.. If one is a food and loves to Cook, they should watch your channel… So much of learning… And it is great to know how there are so many similarities between your and our dishes (INDIAN)…. You explain things so properly… And the whole team is so great….

    I do not know when I come to Turkey but whenever I come will love to do a cook off with you and there is one more Youtuber….

  9. I love trying new foods and I fell in love with your menemen and hummus. I have been making them all the time. my family loves them!! and I have been following your channel for a while and have been trying your recipes since. You and your team are always fun to watch and doing an amazing job! Congratulations on reaching your 500K subscribers. You deserve it!!!

  10. What a PERFECT video for Me right now – just became completely vegan about 6 months ago. I do SO appreciate you and your team immensely – beautiful, loving human beings… all of you!

    Going vegan cold turkey has been “interesting”, to say the least. These recipes are so inviting and I can hardly wait to make many of them. I Absolutely LOVE Refika’s Kitchen!!!!

    MUCH Love… from Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA – – – Deborah Kay Neumann

  11. we usually use a meat grinder to make the falafel munch, i found it worked better to get the desired consistency 🙂 my aunt used to put potato, i wasnt a fan of that, but i really like it with spring onion, paprika, chilli peppers, cinamon, parsley , mint, cumin, a tiny bit of baking soda, though i think my dad avoids it now haha. ive eaten so many versions even in palestine, but the most basic ingredients are always the best 😀
    thank you for sharing your recipes! its hard not to love them! 😀

  12. Love love love. Thank you for this video and all the others. I am trying to incorporate more vegan dishes into my daily meals and will try everyone of these. I really appreciate the historical context of the recipes. Congratulations on a well-deserved award!!! You will be at 1,000,000 subscribers in no time.)

  13. I’m an African guy living in the USA I’ve always loved the Turkish food and I was so happy when I found your Chanel Turkish content in English I’ve been watching your videos since then learning a lot about your cuisine and cooking techniques in general thank you for all the hard work

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  15. I love Mediterranean and middle eastern food. Your channel teaches me how to make this type of food in a fun and educational manner. This is why I'm subscribed and I plan to make at least one of these dishes soon. By the way in Romania we also have a similar eggplant spread. It's interesting to see how you prepare it differently but I'm sure it's delicious as well.