Beef Bone Soup Recipe


Beef Soup ingredients Beef bones, russet potatoes, pumpkin carrots, red onion, lime, fresh tomato, bell peppers, garlic, cloves, scallions, thyme paprika, dry herbs chilly flakes, and salt. Connect on FACEBOOK Ministry Page👇 Cooking Page👇 🛒SHOP Christian Apparel 👇 .





  1. I live on soup and I get tired of mine. I was going to make a white bean with vegetable soup (greek) but I went to the grocery to get fresh parsley and they had cut fresh oxtails. Well I can't eat much meat and at $7.99 a pound and the smallest pack they had weighed 3lbs it was a bit much for me. But I dug around and in the back they had a pack of oxtail scraps! It's like winning the lotto for me and at $2.99lb and it weighed in at 1.08lbs I grabbed it. My husband won't eat oxtails because he doesn't like fatty meat. I LOVE IT!!!
    So I thought let me look up "beef bone soup" and up you popped, very first on the list! You had me in the first minute! I haven't even watched the video yet but I know I'm using it and I subscribed! I can tell already that you can cook good food! Can't wait!