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A soup is a flavored and nutritious liquid food. As per Oxford dictionary soup is a ‘liquid dish, typically savory and made by boiling meat, fish or vegetables etc in stock or water.’ Generally served warm or hot. This is just a definition. There is no hard and fast rule for soup preparations. What matter most is the techniques, ingredients and of course the taste. Soups are divided into four different category: Thick soup, thin soup, International soups and cold soup. Thin soups: Passed or clear soups and Unpassed soups. Consomme, broths and buillions. Thick soup: Cream soups, Puree soups, Chowder soup, Veloute soup, Bisque soup. International soups: Mulligatawny Soup, Minestrone Soup, Green turtle soup, Chicken Broth, Gazpacho soup etc. Cold Soups: jellied consommé, gazpacho, vichyssoise. Mother Sauces: Relevant concepts: tomato soup, healthy soup recipes, chicken soup, soup meaning, categories of soups, 5 different types of soups, international soup with their country names, soup category, classification of soups in cookery, defination of soup, thick soup, thick chicken soup, thin soup recipes, chowder soup, veloute soup, pureed soup recipes, cream of chicken soup, bisque soup, consomme soup, broth, bullion, cold soup recipes, classification of soups, types of soups, different categories of soups, International soups with examples, f&b practical, food and beverage management, food and beverage knowledge, food and beverage production, Attributes: 1. Taken on 14/04/2021 From flicker account of Marco Verch Professional Photographer Link to the photograph: 2 Shrimp and corn chowder Author: Leszek Leszczynski ( .