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Baingan Bharta is an Indian eggplant curry that’s super delicious and completely Keto friendly. This recipe is fairly simple and it’s perfect to eat along with your Keto naan or roti. It’s a hearty main course and I promise you won’t even miss the meat.

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  1. I JUST MADE THISSSS. I ate the whole bowl of it ahaha. But what I did to half of it is that I added a little more water, pao bhaji masala and more butter with some lemon on top. It was like PAO BHAJI KI BHAJI. I can bet it has more flavors than cauliflower version of bhaji. IM IN HEAVEN. 😍😍😍

  2. Hello from England πŸ™‚ I made my version of this the other day, but your version, with garlic in the aubergine, is another level I have to try. So happy I found this channel. Been living on saag paneer tbh because it's easy.

    I remember my mum went through a phase of making a sabji with homemade paneer curds with cashews, peas and sweetcorn. It was a dry sabji and I was wondering what to replace the cashews with. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for the naan recipe btw. Rock on🀘🏼