Authentic Tom Kha Gai Thai BEST EVER Coconut Chicken Soup


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  2. Do you have any tips (other than gloves) for handling the thai chilis? I made this and it was fantastic!!!!! It also left my hands burning for hours! Made it again (yes, it's that good) wearing gloves, and still had (minor) burning. Please help.
    Also thank you for your recipe. We love you!

  3. Can you do a vegetarian or vegan version of this soup please? This is one of my favorite soups I use to eat overseas and I miss it so much, and would love to learn how to make it.I know I can just use vegetable broth and use tofu, but when how do I add the tofu??

  4. I would like to confirm as Thai people. This is the right way to cook this kind of soup.

    **You know, most of foreigner always make a something weird to cook Thai food.


    However, I would like to tell a little suggestion. Thai people alway top the soup with only cilantro or long coriander (not green onions)

  5. Nice recipe. There is one key ingredient to make it authentic and add complexity. It is Namprik Pao or Chili Tamarind paste.
    It comes in a glass jar and is readily available in Thai and Asian markets. Two generous tablespoons and you have transported yourself to Bangkok. It is also the basis of Tom Yum Kung which is the traditional shrimp lemongrass soup but no coconut milk in that one.


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