All I need in winter morning is SOUP!!! This asian soup recipes can be whip up less than 10min!! Soup usually takes time for cooking and simmering. However, I’m introducing 3 delicious Asian soup recipes which take you only 10min for each!! I hope this soup recipes will nourish your body and soul♡ All the recipes are on my web! ———————————————- RECIPES -MISO CREAM SOUP -PICKLED PLUM SOUP -ASIAN CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP -3 MISO SOUP RECIPES ———————————– ——————————————- -Asian chicken stock without MSG↓ – ————————————————– ————————– FOLLOW Miwa’s Japanese Kitchen 🌞 📺Please SUBSCRIBE : 🌎 My Recipe Blog : 🌝 My Facebook : 📷 My Instagram: 👧 My TripAdvisor: ———————————————— ————————————————– ——————- ★About myself and my channel★ ↓ I was born in Japan and have grown up in Japan with a couple years oversea experiences. Having two very energetic boys( age 2 and 4) +working. As you can imagine, my life is hectically busy. I want my family and myself to have a healthy eating habits with deliciousness. In this video, I would like to focus on below things.・Seeking for deliciousness with Japanese mom’s twist ・Simple and easy recipes ・Vege heavy diet ・Introducing new useful way of Japanese condiments I’m looking forward to communicate with many of busy bees and food lovers like me. I’m also holding an ONLINE Japanese cooking lesson in Tokyo! Please join MIWA’s Japanese Cooking Class to share the deliciousness and culture! To book the class↓ .





  1. Hi Miwa! I always tried to contain my anger when children spill by remembering the days go by so fast. They soon will be grown and gone. Then I wish for them to be back. I liked how you turned it in to a positive. The floor shined even brighter after cleaning the spill. 😍 I am going to make your miso soup today. The first one on this video. It looks wonderful.

  2. Just made the creamy miso soup recipe. It was amazing. First even remotely Japanese food I’ve ever made. I can’t believe how creamy it actually was. It’s like there was actual cream in there. I might not have made it right. I didn’t measure anything. It was a bit salty and very rich. I suspect I had too much bacon, miso and soy sauce. Maybe that’s why it was so creamy? Maybe my American bacon is very different from yours?But there didn’t seem to be any fat separating and floating to the top which confuses me. How is it emulsifying so well?

    Used bok choy instead of Chinese cabbage because it was what I had. Used white miso. Next time I will probably use less bacon, less miso and less soy sauce.

    One question: do you use chop sticks or a spoon to eat soup? If chop sticks how do pick up the liquid?

    Tomorrow I make the chicken noodle soup.

  3. Hi Miwa! Thanks for the wonderful soup ideas! I’m new to Japanese cooking and didn’t know one could add bacon and butter to miso soup!

    I wanted to make your Cabbage Miso Cream Soup for dinner, but didn’t have time to go shopping. I used what I had in my refrigerator and used your recipe as a guideline. I made soup with cabbage, ham, butter, dashi and a mixture of red and saikyo miso. It turned out really delicious and a little creamy! I love the flavor of smoky, rich ham and butter in miso soup!

    You mentioned your family likes to sometimes put rice in miso soups. I tried this with the soup I made and loved it!

    Still, I want to try your recipes exactly as you shared them. This weekend, I’ll be going to the market and will be making your soups!