Aromatic Chicken and Ginger Soup with Carla Lalli Music


Ginger and spice and everything nice! No it’s not a spiced pumpkin latte, it’s a nourishing, warming, and delicious-smelling soup that will heal you if you’re sick and fortify you for ongoing health regardless. The chicken poaches in the broth, which then becomes the base for the finished soup. It’s silky with coconut milk and golden from turmeric, and you want it in your life. This soup is flavored in part by star anise and black pepper and served with rice noodles, all of which are commonly found in Vietnamese pho recipes, along with coconut milk and turmeric, which are not. If you want to play around with the aromatic base, try browning the shallot, garlic, ginger, turmeric, dried chiles, star anise, and lemongrass in a little bit of vegetable or coconut oil before adding water to the stockpo. This will lend the broth a sweeter, deeper taste and dark golden color. This recipe is from my book, That Sounds So Good! Instagram Listen to my podcast, Borderline Salty (with Rick Martinez!!) Thank you to my Patreon community, who fully funded the cost of this video. Consider joining us over there! I write two newletters a month, give access to written recipes, and publish my videos ad-free 72 hours before they are published on YouTube. We have fun, and I donate 5 to 8 cents from every dollar I earn. More about Carla, including info on her books, is here: Producer: Zoie Omega DP: Tim Racca Food Stylist: Cybelle Tondu Editor and Comic Genius: Meg Felling Theme music performed by Madison McFerrin. Written by Madison McFerrin. Used by Permission of MadMcFerrin Music LLC. #chickennoodlesoup #thatsoundssogood #carlalallimusic .