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Potato salad is the first food I remember eating, so I have a deep emotional attachment, but every so often, I crave something completely different—and this Armenian-style potato salad is completely different, and completely delicious. Plus, unlike the American-style, it’s safe left on a sunny picnic table for hours. Enjoy!

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  1. It never fails. Between Chef John, Babish, Chef Frank (protocooks), Joshua Weissman, and now Sonny (Thatdudecancook), I can always find a recipe that I want to make immediately. Chef John wins today! This looks soooooo good.

    Chef John, you'll be happy to hear I haven't bought lemon juice from a bottle in over a decade.

  2. I have made almost the exact recipe for years. What I do to tame that onion is to leave it in the lemon juice for an hour or so, then add the lemon juice and onion to the potatoes. Then just proceed as usual. (I also don’t use cayenne because I have smol ones.) Amazing.

  3. Thank you chef John for this great recipe. I am going to use mix of herbs there not only mint. As an Armenian from Armenia, I didn’t know about this recipe. We used to make it Russian style, mixed with cooked beef, carrots, green peas and pickled cucumber, all that mixed with bunch of green fresh herbs, which Armenians use a lot. Probably this came from Armenians spread in other Middle Eastern countries.

  4. Being Armenian, I grew up eating this version, but honestly didn't realize this was actually an Armenian thing until now! My grandmother (God bless her soul) used to make it all the time, but she didn't cook off the onions but that's not surprising because she wasn't a great cook (sorry, Nene). I'm going to have to try Chef John's tip and make it for the next family bbq.

  5. When I first realized the flavor profile is potatoes, fat, lemon and mint, I was so disappointed Chef John used steak for the picture. His Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes is incredible. But I was the disappointment for not realizing it was lamb. Looks great.