Animal Style Burgers (Without the Animals!) Vegan In-N-Out!


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Hi Everybody! Here’s how I like to make my Vegan Animal Style Burgers!

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Homemade Burger Patty Recipe:

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  1. Do you keep a squeeze bottle full of water by your stove so you have it handy to squirt water into the pan when you want a steaming effect? Great idea – I need to do this! Are there other good uses for this, aside from melting vegan cheese, or other good things to keep in squeeze bottles by the stove?

    also, is that a cast iron surface? do you always cook on a cast iron surface and if so what makes it superior? Thanks.

  2. 2:17
    I always find it amusing that Americans can't say 'Worcestershire'. I'm Irish and we can say it just fine! Try this way phonetically – Wost-ish-er . Fun fact: You do have a state New Hampshire with the 'shire' bit too that confuses you but yet you probably can say New Hampshire jus fine! 😄