ANABOLIC GUMMY BEARS || High Protein, Low Calorie, Sugar Free Dieting Recipe for Weight Loss


Hey everyone! Gummy Bears are delicious but they’re filled with sugar and never seem to fill you up. In this video, I make ANABOLIC GUMMY BEARS!

These gummy bears are sugar free and ALL PROTEIN! They’re very easy to make and only require 2 ingredients. This is a perfect snack for dieting and losing weight because it’s low in calories, high in protein, and much more filling than regular gummy bears.

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0:00 Intro
1:14 Ingredients
2:37 Recipe
10:08 Nutrition Labels are Lying to You!
12:19 Calories, Macros, & Comparison to Regular Gummies
13:56 Taste Test

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  1. I want to believe 'these are so good I can't stop eating this' bit………

    I mean I agree with you on 'gummy bears are so good and they don't give you satisfaction and you end up eating a lot'…

    Literally when I am on Haribo mood I order 4KG box from amazon and start gorging and I get constipation and all. Gummy gears are something I can't probably live without, there's something about the texture and the sweetness that it gives off when you bite into it.

    Well I will have to try this recipe but idk fr if this could fix my bad habit.

  2. Rahul, thanks for the recipe. Just discovered your channel last week. I made your "gummy bears" last night. Truth be told…I made too batches! LOL ….they were delicious and work well with my weight watchers plan. Plus, they were so economical. I no longer need to spend $3+ on Smart Sweets. 🙂