Amrithballi kashaya (decoction) is an immunity booster drink recipe. Amritha balli is a medicinal herb that is extensively used in ayurvedic medicine. While in Kannada, it is Amruthaballi, it is heart-leaf moonseed in English, followed by seenthil kodi in Tamil, tippa teega in Telugu, amrita/giloy/jiwantika in Hindi, amruthu/chittamritam in Malayalam, Guduchi in marathi and so on. In botanical language, it is Tinospora cordifolia.

– Immunity booster
– improves digestion
– treats diabetes
– reduces stress and anxiety
– fights respiratory problems
– blood purifier

This isn’t the exhaustive list of benefits but to name few. In the current situation of Covid-19, this has been tried and tested as an immunity booster.
We are all going through the bad situation but we Indians had always proved that Ayurvedic medicines have the power to prevent/cure any severe diseases including cancer. Corona (Covid-19) is no way exception to this. It’s high time to take in healthy food and stay strong to fight against the current hostile environment.

Do make this healthy drink to increase your resistance power.

Stay tuned for few more such immunity booster drinks recipes in the near future.

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