Amazingly Crisp Two Ingredient Keto Breading – The Idea Came from TikTok Pickle Chips


This video started with the idea of trying out a TikTok keto recipe for cheddar pickle chips and wound up with me creating the best keto breading I’ve ever had. The amazing thing is that this breading has only TWO ingredients and only 2g of TOTAL carbs per 3/4 cups (90g). The magic happens by combining these two ingredients into a food processor. When air fried, it turns into something that looks and feels like it’s been batter fried rather than breaded.

I won’t make a printable recipe for this because it’s just so simple.
In a food processor, combine:
– 1 cup loosely packed sharp cheddar (60g)
– 1/3 cup loosely packed pork rind panko (30g)

That’s it! The yield winds up being about 3/4 cup of breading (90g) with the following macros for an entire batch:
Total carbs – 2g
Protein – 33g
Fat – 31g
416 calories

If you do a tray of 12 pickle chips, macros per chip are:
Total carbs – .67g
Protein – 5g
Fat – 5g
71 calories

Products used in this video:
Mini food processor:
14 cup food processor:
Anova precision oven:
Ninja Foodi air fryer and grill:

0:00 Intro
0:54 TikTok pickle chips
3:07 Improved pickle chips
7:33 Chicken tenders with keto breading

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  1. Thank you so much 💓 I've struggled with pork rinds because of the smell. But I have to say this combination of cheddar and rinds is absolutely the bomb on chicken tenders. I have a super picky daughter who devoured these tonight. I used blue cheese dip and it was finger licking good.

  2. Awesome That looks pretty good your way. I’ve been using pork grind Panko to fry Chicken butt with the cheese it would have a little oil in it and probably be great for air fryers and just baking.

    I make mayonnaise sort of like you do, I watched a few recipes but I put a cup of avocado oil an egg a little mustard and a tablespoon of lemon juice and a little salt. When I make ranch I use that as the base and add half a cup of sour cream and the chives and parsley garlic and onion powder a little more salt and a little more lemon juice and a little pepper but I’ve done it before where I substituted about a quarter cup of oil with grease after cooking bacon and it had a little chunks of bacon in it still and you could definitely taste it, I’ve also done it with just the mayonnaise. For some reason I feel the need to eat it faster like it will go bad faster but bacon grease should last quite a while especially in the refrigerator so I think a week is still a reasonable length of time to keep it around.

    I’ve also use the mayonnaise base and the ranch base as well and you things like Sriracha and Cajun spice and horseradish mustard and different things to make different sauces, this would be awesome to add to some veggie sticks for a snack plate. The veggie sticks get a little old after a while, this would give it some good variety. I’ve tried the cheese crisps before and they’re OK but not really worth the time for me, this seems a bit more substantial. I’m guessing you could also do zucchini and onions and kind of make a version of fried zucchini or onion rings. Maybe I’ll have to get an air fryer. 🤔

  3. Looking at the positive, all the oil that comes out of the cheese, you eating less oil.
    But then, there is those who don’t mind all the oil. I did like the crunch. In fact, I have been doing the breading with cheese and pork skin in my cooking for over a year. I do mine with jalapeño slices and dip them in a cilantro cumin dip. Thanks for the video and keep up the good work.