Amazing Pulled Mushroom Noodle Soup (vegan "CHICKEN" NOODLE SOUP) | The Wicked Kitchen


Nothing warms you up quite like a nice steamin ‘hot bowl of’ Chicken ‘Noodle Soup! When we say ‘chicken’, if you know us, you know we are talkin ‘mushrooms — shredded King Oyster’ shrooms to be precise. So grab some ‘shrooms and get shredding, because this recipe is an awesome, tasty AF basic to have up your sleeve during the chilly seasons. Grab a spoon and get snowed in! Written recipe ▶ ︎ SUBSCRIBE ▶ ︎ If you’re looking for some more plant-powered recipes, check out our massive recipe archive here. Use the search thingy and see what you come up with ▶ ︎ FOLLOW WICKED HEALTHY: Wicked Instagram ▶ ︎ Chad’s Instagram ▶ Derek’s Instagram ▶ ︎ WH Facebook ▶ ︎ In the UK get your groceries from Tesco ▶ ︎ The Wicked Healthy Cookbook ▶ ︎ ******** *************************************** #wickedfoods #wickedkitchen #eatwickedfoods.





  1. I just made this soup and must tell you it doesn't only look delicious – it is delicious. I didn't have any baby spinach so I used some kale that I had in my freezer instead.
    At first I thought this amount of soup will feed me at least a week. But it is so good that I doubt it will get that old. 😍
    Thank you for this great recipe.

  2. Voila! My wish came true! Thank you for the delicious-looking recipe, and your phizz and narration! And I so love that you speak up for the animals; makes me happy every time you speak out like that. Serious looking new knife there, Derek. Can't wait to try King Oyster shrooms. Hopefully, I can find them in the next country I live in or learn how to grow them myself. Thank you and take care. I know the lockdown situation in the UK must be trying.


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