AMAZING BEGINNER VEGAN RECIPES | 10 recipes you need in your life


☀︎Buddha Bowl
buddha bowls
better-than-chipotle burrito bowl
☀︎Vegan nachos

☀︎Tofu scramble

☀︎Roasted veggies –– sweet potatoes, etc…
broccoli & brussels sprouts
sweet potatoes
☀︎Lentil meatballs

☀︎Simple salad dressing
how to make a bomb salad every time!
☀︎Sweet potato burgers

☀︎Chickpea tuna

☀︎Simple curry

tikka masala
thai green curry (thumbnail recipe)
☀︎Vegan fried “chicken”

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  1. People who are turned off by tofu: press it slightly with a towel, cut or rip it in pieces and freeze it. That changes the texture of tofu and it looks/feels similar to chicken. Also marinades and sauces are the key. Just know that vegan doesn't necessarily mean healthy or low energy/calorie. A lot of people think they will automatically lose weight when they are going vegan and some do. But the principle of calories still applies, even to vegan calories. I've been vegetarian for twenty years and vegan for 3+ years and I don't miss a thing 🙂

  2. OK, I'm a vegetarian since birth, I'm now 50yrs. I like your ideas and recipes which I will try soon. However I have one concern, and that is vegan products are retaining the meat name, for example vegan beef, soya chicken etc. Can't they think of suitable vegan names. I personally don't think that this is right and it puts me off just by pronouncing the word beef🙄

  3. I love a good tofu scramble. I'll toss in any Vegetables I have on hand, leftover vegetables that need using up or even frozen veggies.

    I love using soft tofu in creamy salad dressings. I don't even taste the tofu it just tastes like a delicious creamy salad dressing with a little bonus protein in it.

    Curries are so good to make. I'm allergic to coconut but I found stirring in any plain yogurt, if you can find the thick Greek style it's better but any plain yogurt works, and a little splash of soy milk or whatever plant milk, unsweetened and not flavored, into it and I get a delicious and creamy curry. If I don't have any I'll even stir in some hummus for that creaminess. Sometimes I'll even blend some cooked white beans, chickpeas or even a boiled potato with the yogurt and milk then stir it in. It adds creaminess and helps thicken the curry a little as well. Plus the beans or even hummus adds extra protein.

  4. Hello SweetPotatoeSoul,
    I’m new to your channel and to vegan lifestyle. I’m so grateful that you and other long time vegans are sharing your healthy meals with others like myself that are new to vegan eating.
    I look forward to trying some of your recipes.
    I would like to see more vegan breakfast recipes or any other that you have to share.
    Thank you

  5. Thank you for this! Yesterday I used your cookbook to make hot pepper cashews (I replaced the pecans because I personally don’t like them) and I also made the “cure all lentil soup” in my crockpot and substituted the celery with cabbage. Both meals were so tasty, my mother who is debating on going vegan enjoyed the nuts and says they’re a hit 🤗 thank you!


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