almost a week of homemade vegan lunches


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In today’s video I am sharing with you almost a week of homemade vegan lunches! Usually I don’t like meal prepping but when it comes to utilising your freezer you can really food prep for a whole month! After prepping all our food it makes is simpler to meal plan and meal prep in a sustainable and minimalistic way. This also helps to reduce food waste and incorporate zero waste recipes too.

» R E C I P E S »
» Rainbow Plant Life’s One Pot Vegan Chilli Mac

» S U B S C R I B E »

» I N S T A G R A M »

» Time Stamps »
00:00 What I’m recreating
00:29 The most perfect festive sandwich
02:29 Let’s use up whatever is around rice bowl
04:45 Vegan stroganoff and a hearty salad
06:30 Balsamic tofu and brussel sprouts, lentil, tahini bowl
08:08 One Pot Chilli Mac with some additions
10:52 Sponsored segment

» M O R E F O O D ! »
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» How to Make Nut Butters:

» W A T C H M O R E ! »
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  1. tee hee this was a great video. someone just told me the other day that using recipes is like using gps to go somewhere you already know how to get to – just to see how long it’ll be until you get there.

    so i’m the same way as you. i use them as guidelines and i just do whatever tf i want. i hate buying specialty ingredients to use only one time so i just improvise haha

  2. "If you liked it give it a like!" – I totally cracked up, thanks for making me laugh! And of course I gave your wonderful and inspiring (as always) video a like. 🙂 Gets me inspired to cook more during the day! Ahh I just love food, haha. Xx

  3. Oh yummy….for me since going plant base I have mostly enjoyed the journey of trying new recipies….vegan cheese sauce made from potatos & carrots, flaxseed wraps, home made bread, various veggie burgers, etc….it saves so much money, low waste, sustainable and healthy….I work 42 hrs a week and not alot of time to cook on a daily so meal preps on my days off are a go for me…how amazing is that!!!!

  4. Confessions of a dedicated SV viewer and crazy-busy high school teacher… today is our Festive Formal Christmas Lunch and Talent Show at the high school where I teach. I thought I could steal away for 15-20 minutes to watch today’s video but my classroom is a whirlwind of decorating, food prep, place settings, Christmas Trivia, and YoYo practicing. I turned on the video and then got called away to help with plans and prep… and when I came back there was quite a smattering of interested folks watching your video Immy. I didn’t get to see it but the Sr. Culinary Arts class really enjoyed it ❤️🎄 I just love how it all unfolded!!! I’ll be looking forward to watching your video this evening when I am able to relax and enjoy. Love to you from all the Sr. Culinary Arts Class and their teachers. 🌎💦Ⓜ️ary💕🍽🥣