Almond Flour Snack Keto Recipes


How to cook or make almond snack? This video shows you how to make snack using almond floor that is Keto compliance. This easy almond flour savoury cracker Keto recipe is only made up of 4 ingredients (5 ingredients if with garlic) and is vegan friendly, keto friendly and paleo friendly. To bake these delicious almond flour snack crackers only takes about 15 min preparation time and 15 min baking time. This almond flour snack recipe is easy for kids to follow.

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Almond flour is rich in monounsaturated fat. It is also low in carbs, packed with nutrients and has a slightly sweeter taste. The nutrient-rich chia seeds are good sources of omega 3 fatty acid and is said to be a “superfood”. Combining these 2 ingredients make this cracker a really healthy and guilt free snack.

Note: Adding garlic to the cookies give the crackers a unique twist which will appeal to garlic lovers.

Approx. 35 pcs of (5 – 6cm X 3cm) crackers
2 cups of blanch almond flour
1 TBSP chia seeds (to be added with 3 TBSP of water)
½ TSP of Himalayan salt or any salt of your choice
1 TSP of avocado oil or coconut oil
3 to 4 cloves of garlic (minced finely)
(Option to vary amount or omit completely)
(Note: 4 cloves for intense garlic flavour recommended for garlic lovers)

Baking Tools & Equipment
1) Rolling pin
2) Parchment paper/ baking paper
3) Baking scraper
4) Mixing bowl
5) Cookie cutter for a neater cut (optional)

1) Prepare chai seed gel by adding 3 TBSP of water to 1 TBSP of chia seeds.
Let it sit for 5min to form a gel-like mixture
2) Preheat oven at 180 degree celsius for 10 min
3) Cut and peel and minced garlic finely or use garlic press. Add into a mixing bowl
4) Add in blanch almond flour into mixing bowl
5) Add ½ TSP of salt and mix
6) Add in chai seed gel
7) Mix it up to form sticky mixture
8) Knead to form into 2 small balls of dough
9) Pat onto parchment paper and fold the parchment paper on one side of the dough
10) Roll with the rolling pin. Fold the other side of the parchment paper
11) Form a flat oblong shape dough of about 3 to 5mm thick
12) Use a scraper or cookie cutter to cut into rectangle or square pieces in your desired dimensions
13) Separate the pieces on the parchment paper
14) Transfer parchment paper to a baking tray or open rack
15) Bake for 15min at 180 degree celsius. Edges should turn slightly golden brown

Stay fresh in an air tight container in room temperature for up to 3 days.
To be refrigerated from 4th day on.

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