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Air fried tuna balls! Recipe
Here’s a simple recipe with only 3 ingredients (and the seasonings) that you can make in the air fryer in only 12 minutes! It’s so good!
This recipe is perfect if you are looking for a simple appetizer, lunch, or dinner recipe that can be made in only minutes in the air fryer.
1 egg
5 oz can tuna drained
1 cup cheese shredded (Mozzarella or Colby)
1 tsp Dan-O’s Original seasoning or any of your favorite seasonings
Sauce Ingredients:
Ranch dressing

1Open the can of tuna and drain the liquids.
2Place the tuna in a mixing bowl.
3Add the shredded cheese, egg and seasonings.
4Mix until fully combined.
5Use an ice cream scoop to measure out one tuna patty and place it in the air fryer lined with parchment paper.
6Repeat this until all the tuna patties are placed in the air fryer basket.
7Use a fork or your clean hands to press the tuna patties down and shape them into circles leaving some space in between each patty.
8Bake in the air fryer at 350 degrees for 12 minutes or until golden brown.
9Add the sauce ingredients to a small bowl and mix until fully combined and smooth. If you like it less spicy use 6 parts ranch dressing to 1 part sriracha sauce.

10Serve warm and enjoy