After Boil Soup by The Cajun Ninja


This is a creamy soup made up of all da fixins from a left over crawfish boil. Music by Horace Trahan Song “People Here Know How to Party”.





  1. This is the last time to bug you. I'm telling you look up Bayley's West Indies salad. That is so good . Everyone in Alabama goes crazy about it. If you don't look it up you lost .I'm telling you it is to kill for. .I will never tell you about it again. DAMN man it takes 5 min . to look

  2. Great video, very entertaining. Told my Wife I was going to do this dish on our days off but she didn't stop eating the leftovers. I had to buy unboiled ingredients. So instead of using chicken stock I used the crawfish boil water which we freeze and use on a regular basis. Came out great, have never done it before but will be on the after boil to-do list from now on. Thank You. JW

  3. Awesome dish! I no longer need to throw away all of those boil leftovers! Didn't have the big metal pot, so ended up splitting into 2 enamel pots after adding the half n half…then put into crockpot once milk and rest of ingreds were added. Thanks for the recipe and entertaining videos! PS big metal pot on order through Amazon!!

  4. Loved your family’s video on the pizza making, just now.
    I’ve been following you a few months now, Cajun Ninja. You’re a very positive break from this dark cloud time hanging over us currently. Thank you for what you bring to the community.