Adult Type 2 Diabetes – 4. Nutrition Basics


An overview of how food affects your blood sugar.





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  4. Fruits, including grapes, bananas and watermelon does not spike my blood sugar. Oatmeal does but only for that one meal, my overall daily levels are below 10mmol even when I add oatmeal to my diet. But .. I can't have rice or pasta without taking increased dose of insulin. I have found the vegetarian diet best suits my body. I eat a lot of lentils and beans, nuts, fruits and raw veges like cucumber, tomato and carrots. When I do all this, my blood sugar stays within daily range of 95% of the time. I used to eat low carb but my cholesterol level spiked so I switched to mostly vegetarian.

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    This correlation of high glucose levels to carbohydrates is interesting. A 50g per day carbohydrate diet seems possible, but my glucose spikes at one hour or almost 200 and 2 hours are well above normal. Question: Why not eliminate all starchy carbs, and sugars? Question: Are there essential carbs like there are essential proteins and fats?

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