A week(ish) of TRADER JOES vegan eats! 🛒🌺 spending $100+ oopsies💰~


Costco next???

rice cake recipe:

I didn’t have garlic so I used garlic powder lol and obvi i only used the sauce recipe in mine & added carrots, onion, green onion, spinach, silken tofu, & a-sha noodles

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  1. Highly recommend buying chocolate chips from the bulk section. Both my local Co-op & Winco stock semi-sweet chocolate chips that happen to be dairy free for like $5/lb, whereas most pre-bagged ones have dairy, unless you buy the priceyer vegan/allergen free ones (and bonus, less packaging waste).

  2. great video, thanks so much. You hit most of my favorite items. Their cream cheese and feta are great. Not a fan of the others. Violife makes an amazing parm, choa makes a great slice cheese for grilled cheese. The cream cheese I blend with scallions in my food processor… amazing! The feta I mix with garlic, oregano, trader joes' sundried tomatoes, pasta and top with thinly sliced fennel. The pasta melts the cheese and with some pasta water makes a great sauce. I felt compelled to share as a thank you.

  3. Love the video🥹🙋🏼‍♀️ you guys honestly have a vegan paradise at TJs🥲 Here in Germany we definitely don’t have such cool products and I compared all the prices since food in America is usually more expensive than here, but the products had pretty much the same prices as stuff here.. If I lived in the states I would only buy my stuff there🙋🏼‍♀️🌱 much love🫶🏼✨

  4. On the topic of vegan chocolate chips, I dunno if you have Wegman's near you but they have their own brand of chocolate chips. they're so good and cheap! they used to be $1.99 but they've gone up a little bit over time and now they're like $2.30. I use them for pancakes, cookies, sprinkled in parfaits, or just eat them out of the bag hehe

  5. you said to comment our opinion on feta, so: didn't have much feta before going vegan but I did like it in certain things. I've had the violife feta, which for some reason smells exactly the same as this sponge I clean things with, so that's a bit funny. then I also had vegan feta from a finnish brand which was okay, but I haven't really liked the vegan versions that much. something about the texture and smell is a bit weird to me, but luckily I don't really miss dairy feta!

  6. my all time favorite trader joes meal: the precooked steamed lentils, wild arugula and BRUSCHETTA SAUCE. sometimes add a splash of balsamic vinegar. makes the perfect lentil salad, a super delicious balanced meal that only takes 1 minute to make. i seriously eat it 4-5 times every week and force all my friends to try it.

  7. the violife parmesan is the best one by far imo and around me it's like 5 dollars for a wedge that lasts me maybe a month?

    also if you liked the korean style of non-spicy rice cake you would probably really like the chinese version! instead of boiling it with the seasoning it's stir fried but it's also sweet and savory with lots of veggies.

  8. That turkey-less ground protein is pretty good, my husband and I made stuffed peppers with it. Nothing too special, my only complaint is we had to cook it for double the amount of time cause it was just, idk…. soggy? It looked and tasted fine once it was well done tho lol

  9. Some of my fave products are their maple espresso tea, gluten free coffee cinnamon muffins(not vegan if I remember), stuffing flavor kettle chips, orange chicken morsels, plain cashew yogurt, vegetable biryani, sourdough loaf, and you guessed it the kale pesto.

    I remember the beefless ground beef not being that good. Only bought it once and guess there's a reason why I never bought it again.

  10. The cashew kale pesto is really good and the knock off takis. The ravioli were really bland to me, also not worth it because of the price. The bolognese totally tastes like canned ravioli sauce, like chef boyardee. The brioche makes good french toast. Supposedly if you add a little water to your pan and putting a lid on it then the cheese will melt. Cook it slow on both sides, medium low. I'd recommend the Thai green simmer sauce(not overly sweet), the Italian soy sausages, beef-less bulgogi, chicken-less tenders, dill pickle falafel(prob will return this spring/summer), and banana bread. AVOID: the salmon-esque spread, simply eggless, turkey-less ground, and caramelized onion dip(too sweet for a savory dip like most of their dips, not a vibe).