A Week of Realistic High Protein Meals (Vegan)


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Today I’m showing you a realistic week of high-protein plant-based meals. Enjoy! 🥰

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Breakfast Tacos →
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Caesar Salad →
White Bean Cheese Sauce →

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Morning Lattes
1:57 Breakfast Tacos
3:29 Sesame Crusted Tofu
4:38 A Word from Ritual
6:00 Cashew Crunch Salad
7:34 Peanut Butter Tofu Dessert
9:41 Vegan Deli Slices
10:33 High Protein Caesar Salad
13:55 White Bean Mac & Cheese
15:22 Outro

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  1. Nobody in the western world has a deficiency of protein. All of these protein reinforced processed foods are detrimental to your health both in terms of giving you too much artificial, low quality protein, and being crap because they have nothing to do with real food. You don’t need this much protein, it just overloads your kidneys. Stop counting protein, it’s completely pointless. Even if vegan, it’s completely unrealistic that you will not get enough from real food without paying any attention to protein content…

  2. So, it changed my life learning that instead of going through the long, two-handed batter-breadcrumb process, you can just toss all your tofu (or cauliflower) in a big bowl with your wet batter, then when it’s all coated, toss it all through your breadcrumb mixture. It’s not as perfect but it works just fine every time and you get a similar product. I’m sure you probably will want to do the whole process for cuteness for videos, but just wanted to provide this hack for anyone at home that wants to do it quicker!

    All the recipes here look amazing, by the way! Thanks!!

  3. I appreciate the option of plant milk, but I don’t appreciate them all containing vegetable oil 🫠but I just recently found Organic almond milk , by earths own , that doesn’t contain any vegetable or sunflower oil👍🏼I dunno read your ingredient list, some times your doing more harm to your body then good.

  4. Love these videos guys! Thank you for the ideas! I tried that pasta because of your last video I think had it?? It’s really great it doesn’t have any weird taste or texture it’s perfect 👍🏻
    I think I am gonna try the tofu this time around. I love having stuff to put in the airfryer. I don’t have sesame seeds but I feel like that is a vital flavor they’re so good so they’re going on the list. I know i can do it without but i love sesame 😂😭

  5. Hi, new to your channel & looking to start my vegan journey💕 your journey is truly inspiring☺️ I had a question about ensuring the adequacy of vitamin B12 in a vegan diet. How do you add enough to your diet? After doing some research, apparently that was the only concern that came up. Any advice you may have for me ? Thanks💖