A “Soup for the Poor” From 1806


Today’s receipt originates from A new system of domestic cookery (1806). It was labeled as being a soup for the poor. Soups like this could have been prepared for the servants of a house or dispersed out to the needy at soup kitchens or the back gates of wealthy homes. My Instagram: Thank you everyone for your kindness & patience. .





  1. I make close to this receipt about once a month…for years. A bay leaf, lots of black pepper, some onion, 1/2 to 3/4 # smoked ham cubed, carrots, a ham hock, and 3 qt. chicken stock. Slow cook for 6-8 hrs. This soup is best made the day before and refrigerated over night. This allows the split peas to "bloom" and make a thick and rich soup. Serve with crusty bread. Feeds 6-8.

  2. My grandmother made what she called "slop soup" basically just whatever was in the pantry and some deer meat or ground beef. Usually a tomato juice base. And also the big pots of brown/pinto beans with cornbread and ramps on the side. I miss her. She cut her teeth on depression meals and wore flour sack dresses I even got to see one of them. It had blue cornflower on it. She also knew how to make poor man's coffee out of chicory and dirt. Yep. Dirt. Had precious minerals in it for starving folk is what she said.