A Macaroni Salad Recipe with Cream Cheese & Mayo Dressing


Macaroni Salad Made with Cream Cheese & Mayo Dressing
– Cook Like Mama Did – Collard Valley Cooks
This Macaroni Salad is so CREAMY and delicious because we use mayonaise and CREAM CHEESE with just the right amount of spices and vegetables for color! This Macaroni Salad recipe can be found in our 1st Cookbook, and all of our southern recipes are printable free from our website!
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Elbow Macaroni, radishes, cucumer, squash, zucchini, pimentos, mayo, black pepper, salt, celery seed, frozen green peas, mrs. dash, onion powder, bell pepper, cream cheese
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Tammy Nichols is on a mission to teach YOU how to cook just like mama did! She enjoys being in the kitchen bringing you everyday dishes that her mama, granny and maw maw made. No fancy ingredients, just good old country girl cooking. Tammy grew up in Polk County (NW) Georgia in an area called Collard Valley. She now lives in Saint Marys, GA. with her husband who is retired from the GA. School System and has girls in college at Georgia Southern in Savannah, Georgia. Thanks for watching and Happy Cooking Like Mama Did!!

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  1. You put a lot more stuff in your macaroni salad than I am use to. Instead of mayo, my recipe is Miracle Whip for a more tangy taste. It also has chopped boiled eggs, and no veggies are cooked with the macaroni. I think there is fresh celery chopped, black olives, (sliced), sweet pickle relish, chopped onion, chopped green peppers and I think a little vinegar/sugar combo are added too. Oh yea, a couple teaspoons of mustard and thawed peas. That is just about it. It's kind of like potato salad with pasta replacing the potatoes. Good video, good pasta recipe you put together. Thank you.

  2. Thank you teacher for teaching me I'm mentally slow and I remember being in special ed classes that we end up going into cooking class so that's being like back in the seventies and eighties but I'm happy that you're my teacher because you're showing everything thank you so much love you and have a good day

  3. Just found you…the cream cheese PLUS mayo heading caught my eye! DELISH! Off to make some with shrimp and as many vegetables I can find….LOL…..and I have a pasta tip…if you stir for ONE MINUTE the pasta when it first goes into the boiling water, it won't stick….I'm Italian….it works!