Maryland’s state food is the much-loved (and much-eaten) Blue Crab. There’s no single way to enjoy this delicacy, but hands-down, the most popular is a “crab feast” – a sit-down affair that isn’t as fancy as it sounds.

This summer ritual requires a bushel of fresh steamed crabs, piled high on a long table covered with old newspapers. And the more layers of newspapers, the better: A crab feast table takes a beating from the hard pounding of crab mallets, and the mess of crab juices and mounds of crab shells.

There are other ways to enjoy blue crabs—fried or broiled crab cakes, crab dips, the luscious “crab imperial” dish, and crab soups.

This week’s “Great Gift of The Week” makes it possible to enjoy the two famous Maryland crab soups (Cream of Crab and Vegetable Crab) with very little effort.

The Back Story

Mick’s Cream of Crab and Vegetable Crab soups first appeared in a Southern Maryland restaurant that was well-known for its wild-game dinners and seafood buffets.

When the owner retired from the restaurant business, an enterprising employee named Karen Berry suggested that she offer “soup tastings” at her part-time job at a Sam’s Club.

The tastings were a big hit, and when Karen was given the offer to take over this new business of Mick’s canned crab soups, she jumped at the offer—and has been running in high gear ever since.

The canned soups are available in two sizes: 15 oz. and 51 oz. Three important things to know about these excellent soups:

• Both sizes are condensed soups—and each size makes a lot of soup.

• The recipe directions for adding fresh ingredients are easy to follow.

• The Cream of Crab Soup and Vegetable Crab Soup are truly gourmet soups, truly delicious, and truly easy to prepare.

You simply can’t go wrong with these soups.


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