A Diabetic Trip to the Grocery Store


In this video Dennis Pollock takes you through the landmines and the treasures that are found in your local grocery store. How you shop and the things that you buy or leave at the store can mean success or failure in your struggle with runaway blood sugar. You can beat diabetes!

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  1. This would be helpful is the info wasnt so elementary. I thought this would be a video about what you SHOULD buy. Its just 8 mins of telling me not to buy honey buns and cereal, followed by a history of beans. If by beating Diabetes, you mean by boring it to death, then you might have the solution.

    Honey buns bad, beans good. Got it.

  2. What's the ideal breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I had a appointment with a dietician friday july 9 but she cancelled. I found out i was type 2 diabetic and i am confused of what type of food to eat. I have been on a water binge and my doctor prescribed me with blood pressure meds

  3. I have become a better label reader since I have changed my diet to a low carb diet.
    Even on a low carb diet I still have cravings for sugary foods.
    Some Dr say but doing keto or low carb diet, people will lose their craving for sugar. For me i do have some sugary foods because I enjoy them.
    However, i am self disciplined with consuming sugary foods.
    I asked some bowler buddies of mine which will raise your blood sugar more. A banana or a chocolate bar? They all answered the candy. They were surprised to find out that it was the banana as I did until I watched your video