A Common Keto Fat Ingredient That Will Stop Keto


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. . Have you been using this common keto fat? It could stop weight loss!

Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

0:00 A keto-friendly fat that could stop your weight loss
0:10 Keto
0:20 Grain oils
0:35 The problem with grain oils
2:13 Top sources
3:30 Good fats
3:38 What to do if you’re plateauing on keto
4:20 Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids

Today I want to tell you about a common keto-friendly ingredient that could stop your weight loss.

Keto is a low-carb diet. Most people know that, on keto, they need to cut out sugar and grains. But, it’s also important to cut out grain oils, or more specifically, seed oils. Many people call grain oils vegetable oils, but they’re really not vegetable oils. They don’t get the oil from vegetables—they get it from the seed of the plant.

The problem with grain oil is omega-6 fats. Omega-6 fats are highly inflammatory. They can actually trigger insulin resistance just as much as sugar or refined grains. Grain oils can also get stuck in the body and clog up the liver and brain. Not to mention that many grain oils are GMO.

Oils and foods higher in omega-6 fats:
• Soy
• Cottonseed
• Canola
• Corn
• Safflower
• Sunflower
• Almond flour
• Peanut butter

I’m not saying you can’t have some things higher in omega-6 fats like almond flour and peanut butter, but you might want to balance it out by getting omega-3 fats. An average person in America has 15 times more omega-6 than omega-3.

Top sources (some are keto, some are not)

1. Chicken
2. Grain desserts
3. Salad dressing
4. Chips
5. Nuts/seeds
6. Pizza
7. Bread
8. Fries
9. Pasta

The definition of keto is low-carb, and it doesn’t really emphasize the type of fat you should be consuming. I believe healthy keto is the best way to go.

Healthier oils:
• Coconut oil
• Butter
• Olive oil
• Avocado oil

If you’re plateauing on keto, you may be consuming too many grain oils, or you could be using too much almond flour or peanut butter.

Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids:
• Fish
• Cod liver oil
• Grass-fed beef and other animal products
• Walnuts
• Chia seed
• Brussels sprouts

Do not use:
• Soy oil
• Cottonseed oil
• Canola oil
• Corn oil

• Safflower oil
• Sunflower oil

Reduce these if you have a problem with inflammation or you’ve hit a plateau:
• Almond flour
• Peanut butter

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Thanks for watching! You may want to stay away from this common keto fat that will stop your weight loss.





  1. You know what. I do IF 18:4.
    I literally only eat fruits, veges, nuts, sometimes chicken and fish. I’m allergic to eggs, dairy, gluten. I don’t have oils besides olive and coconut , I can’t even find snacks for myself because even the healthy ones have vegetable oils. I will stick with my diet, I can’t do pure keto with my allergies or ill end up eating air. In these few months I’ve lost so much weight I’m a size 0 I don’t want to be a 00.

  2. Generally speaking they say your macros should be 5% Carbs, 25% Protein and 70% Fat while on the Keto Diet. I Workout 6 days per week with 3 Days of heavy lifting, 3 days on a resistance band workout, 2 Days with a Stairmaster HIIT Workout and 1 Day with a 15min treadmill workout. What do you suggest for my Macros?

  3. All protein, omega 6 and 3 come initially from plant's, they cannot be obtained from animals. Do your research before you get on this bandwagon. Don't get me wrong Dr Berg I agree with keto, carbs in high insulin = body fat.
    I'm in my second day of vegan keto, my stomach is getting smaller so are my hips, I have a slight headache . That's about it.

  4. What can one eat on keto?? Just Butter?? I am sticking to Omad or IF without keto… It's just not possible I would be thinking of food all the time n won't be able to focus on anything else 😂…. Thanks for all the useful Information i hv learnt a lot from Your Videos 👍


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