A Chicken & Rice Soup from 1828 |No Talking Real Historic Recipes|


Comforting, warm food in your belly 200 years ago. This soup comes from the book The American Frugal Housewife, first published in 1828. It remained a bestseller throughout the 1830s. It was common for soups of the time period to have been enjoyed with minimal solids, and were often strained. This soup can be enjoyed as is or just drink the delicious broth! Watch Ron and I review these real historic dishes & chat with you all here ^_^ : .





  1. I use to wonder why white ppl food always taste and smell like medicine or just spices that don’t make sense. Sometimes spices that should only belong in desserts. Like this is so bland just salt and pepper . Then nutmeg what!!!!!!! Where’s the flavoooorrrrr

  2. One of my favorite things about these videos is the way Justine wears this little Mona Lisa smile the entire time. You just exude contentment with everything you do and it's utterly charming. I only discovered your channel recently but I am enjoying it immensely.

  3. Ive never had homemade chicken broth so Idk how flavorful it truely is but to me it looks so unseasoned (which makes sense if its from the 1800's) Would 10000% add more seasoning if I ever recreated which 👀👀👀 I aint never been one for chicken soup but this one looked good so~

  4. Hello Justine!❤
    New sub!loving your content !
    Sometimes you just want to watch a cooking video without all the talking!
    Very relaxing!
    The subtitles are perfect!
    Going to definitely try out these recipes!
    The simplicity and clean high volume food is everything !

  5. Found this today. ❤ This video stuck and emotional chord with me. Have been going through quite a lot the last couple of years. My soul need deep healing and something about how simple this video was created hit me. Thinking of times when my parents used to cook together, and our family was one. These days are rough…