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Cardio is the most common form of weight loss exercise. It is effective, increases heart rate and metabolism too which are key elements for weight loss.
Try out these 8 best cardio workout exercises, along with your weight loss programme, and discover what works best for you.

Bicycling When you’re looking into cardio for weight loss, bicycling is a terrific option. The best part is that it’s versatile, because you can do it inside or outside. Riding your bicycle outside is really invigorating though, and it’s fun so you hardly even feel like you’re exercising.

Jumping Rope: Jumping rope is the low cost yet effective cardio workout, if you are looking to burn fat the right way. A simple 10-minute workout burns 135-calories, and is portable workout tool that fits right in your suitcase, and could be considered as an excellent traveling exercise. A whopping number of 330 calories can be easily burned by a 145 lb person with a 30minute workout.

Running Running is best way to lose weight because it burns significant calories, does not require any exercise equipment, and can be done indoors or outdoors. A 180-pound person running at a moderate speed burns around 700 calories per hour. Running at a higher intensity burns double the calories. If you prefer to run indoors, then you may want to consider using a treadmill.

Rowing Rowing on a machine offers a total body workout as it works all the main muscles in the body. One hour of rowing can burn more calories per hour than most common cardio exercises.

Skating The skating is also a very good method to lose weight and to make your heart strong, because in skating you have to use both of your legs for pushing forward and to move your skates. For skating you have to perform lots of hard work, which helps your body to lose weight and remain fit.

Speed Walking Walking is the best and simplest exercise to lose weight and prevent heart ailments. Speed walking is supposed to burn more calories compared to jogging. Swinging your hands briskly while walking will help increase speed and strengthen the arms. A brisk walk for 45minutes outdoors will help you lose weight fast.

Swimming Swimming burns about 600 calories an hour, is low impact, and works nearly all the body’s major muscles. It’s also easy on the joints.

Step aerobics Step aerobics offers an intense workout without the hard pounding of other high intensity workouts, which makes it a popular fitness exercise. Step aerobics is especially good for toning up the hips, legs and butt and consumes approximately 300-400 calories in a 30minute high intensity session.

There are many great types of exercise for weight loss. But you need to find something which you can really enjoy. Trying to bring some variation in the work out is a good idea, because it will help in working of different muscles in different ways, and make the weight loss program more beneficial for you.


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