7 Vegetables Every Diabetic Should Eat


These 7 vegetables are blood sugar friendly and loaded with healthy nutrions. I believe that these foods could contribute to s healthy diet of everyone living with diabetes and keep blood glucose low. Healthy sustainable diabetes diet is the key to increased insulin sensitivity and more predictable blood sugars in the long term no matter if you are prediabetic, type 2 diabetic, or type 1 diabetic.

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  1. I love stir fried broccoli, a bit of olive oil in the wok, then salt and pepper (and chili if you like heat) and fry the broccoli until it goes a very vibrant bright green and before it loses all of its crunch. The broccoli done this way has a delicious nutty flavour. I love it!

  2. It is impossible to get chia seeds that are not massively contaminated, at least here in Germany, because they are imported from countries that use harmful chemicals and do not have to declare them. But studies prove their presence. I would like to eat them, but I know I'm not doing my health any favours. A very good alternative is flax seeds (linseeds??), I've read (also at a fraction of the cost of imported chia seeds). I'll have to dive into this topic a bit more…