7 Low Carb Meals I Eat to Keep Glucose Low


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In this video Dennis Pollock shares seven of his go-to meals he eats that have a very minimal effect upon blood glucose. If you want to keep your blood sugar low, check out these meals, and Dennis important summary at the end of this video!

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  1. I like the simplicity of your channel it’s easy to understand too many different menus get confusing when your trying to especially keep diabetis away . Your channel benefits even people who are not diabetic before they become isulin resistant as they age
    Thanks so much πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™

  2. I don't have diabetes. I am not ill and at 75 I don't have a doctor. I eat omad and keto/mediterranean: have done for years.
    I watch your channel because you EXPLAIN everything and show actual effects in clear terms… so that people can see the results, not in studies on paper, or lectures by 'scientific experts' who's pontificating on what we should eat is sometimes diametrically opposed as to the effects. i.e. Vegan V Carnivore. And both seem so bloomin' reasonable and have their merits…….. at the time of viewing.

    It really isn't of any value watching youngsters (bless 'em) extoll the virtues of some mono eating plan they are following after a few thousand push ups and drinking a box of powdered vitamins. Their 'newly minted' bodies can survive on booze and barbeques for years to come.

    Experiments on rats and mice, apart from being cruel, might have some validity if we all were locked in a cage in a laboratory and removed from temptations.
    Digging our graves with our knives and forks, seems to be the prefered exercise nowdays.

    Your pictures are worth a thousand words. Thank you.

  3. I have been eating lots of olives or olive oil, cream cheese, meats, sometimes nuts (almond flour). Also half can of chile (no beans) once a day. Many eggs usually 2 per day. Coleslaw rinced 3 times cause they load the sugar on it, still tastes like coleslaw not pure cabbage. I cut down from 4 large bottles of green olives stuffed with pimento to only one and now substitute with just the XV olive oil for the calories. The cream cheese is also for the calories. Olives are like mini avacados with all the fat and very few carbs.