7 HEALTHY and EASY Smoothie Recipes (for building muscle & fat loss)


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#1 – 100g banana, 100g pineapple, 100g mango, 45g vanilla whey & 300ml coconut milk.

#2 – 60g blackberries, 60g strawberries, 60g blueberries, 60g raspberries, 45g strawberry whey & 300ml coconut milk.

#3 – 150g pineapple, 1 small avocado (roughly 100g), a few spinach leaves (roughly 5-10g), small chunk of ginger, 45g vanilla whey, teaspoon of complete greens, juice of a lime, 15g honey, ice & 300ml almond milk.

#4 – 150g banana, 25g peanut butter, 20g nutella, 45g chocolate whey, ice and 250ml skimmed milk.

#5 – 120g raspberries, 120g strawberries, 45g white choc coconut vegan protein powder & 300ml almond milk.

#6 – Bulking Smoothie – 125g banana, 100g dates, 25g almond butter, 30g oats, 45g banana whey and 300ml oat milk.

#7 – No protein powder protein smoothie – 150g banana, 150g strawberries, 170g fat free greek yogurt, 300ml skimmed milk and 20g honey.


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  1. Yo people, just a little one to share some smoothie recipes because I'm been smashing 'em lately. Recipes are in the video description in case the text appears and disappears too quickly on the screen for ya! Enjoy the video and drop it a like for me if ya would <3 x

  2. Those are some great smoothie recipes… I gotta buy me a blender soonish because I decided to start working out. Checked some online tools and plans for workout and dieting… Found some with relatively great price, but I can't decide yet which one to choose… Dietarize or ProMuscleGain… If someone could help me that would be great? Thanks in advance.

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