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We are not saying but World’s leading Diabetic Association is!

Bringing you #DiabeticFriendly Recipe 03 “7-Grain Mini Paratha” using Sugar Watchers 7-Grain Low GI Atta.

Increasing your health quotient x7 & sharing a great combination of veggies for you to try, watch the recipe here –
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India is one of the top countries having diabetic patients. Individuals facing diabetes issues are often asked to control rice and roti because it has a High GI (Glycemic Index) – White Rice & Wheat Rotis in it. Rice and Atta having Low GI is the first step towards a change in lifestyle.

Sugar Watchers, a brand of Low GI staples. These products are 100% natural, clinically tested, and can be consumed by the whole family –

What is GI (Glycemic Index)?
GI is the measure of how quickly a food can spike blood sugar by reducing carbohydrates into glucose. Carbs in fruits, grains, and veggies are not metabolized at the same rate due to their different GI. The foods which are broken slowly impact the blood glucose level to a much lesser degree.

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