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high protein salad recipe | weight loss salad | protein diet rich salad with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a combination of vegetables, lentils, pulses, spices with a unique flavoured sauce. salad recipes or meals are generally purpose-based recipes and are consumed as an alternative to the regular meal with a strong motive. yet these protein-packed salads can also be consumed without any reason and also provides all the required nutrient and supplements to make it a balanced meal.

high protein salad recipe | weight loss salad | protein diet rich salad with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes were generally termed as traditional and healthy recipes due to the way it was prepared. but with the influence of other cuisines and cosmopolitan lifestyle, indian cuisine may have been complicated. hence healthy alternatives are essential for weight loss and this post describes 2 ways of preparing the high protein salad recipe.






  1. 2:04 For the beetroot salad I would go for feta cheese topping instead of raw paneer, feta cheese will elevate the salad to a different level! Raw panner is way too bland and taste less.

    I would prefer seasoning with freshly crushed pepper instead of pepper powder adds an extra bite to the salad.

  2. Please make such videos Ma'am. Especially of low carb and low fat but with high protein and high fiber salads for weight loss.
    Also, please make videos for healthy recipes(including healthy versions of recipes that usually call for a lot of fat and/or a lot of sugar) for diabetics and for those with high cholesterol.