Today I am sharing 6 really simple soup recipes with you that are perfect winter warmers! These recipes use minimal ingredients and can be made in 20 minutes and under! I hope you enjoy this video, please subscribe for more videos just like this! INGREDIENTS & QUANTITIES: Mushroom & Wild Rice: 500g portobello mushrooms 300g wild rice 1200ml beef stock (add more if needed) 150ml creme fraise / double cream 2tspn thyme Olive oil Chicken Soup: 2 chicken breast 30g butter 1 onion 2 carrots 2 celery sticks 50g flour 1000ml chicken stock 1tspn parsley Salt & Pepper Moroccan Style Soup: 2 tbsp oil 1 large onion 1 tsp ground cumin 2 tbsp harissa paste, ideally rose harissa 400g tin chopped tomatoes 400g tin chickpeas or lentils, drained and rinsed 600ml veggie stock Salt and pepper Tom Yum Soup: Nub ginger Tom yum paste 1500ml veggie / chicken stock 500g Mince of choice Mushrooms Pak choi Rice noodles Broccoli & Potato: 40g / 3 tbsp unsalted butter 1 onion 3 garlic cloves 50g flour 500ml milk 1000ml stock chicken 1 tsp salt ½ tsp black pepper 3 large potato 1 whole broccoli florets 100g grated cheese Cream of Butternut Squash Soup: Whole butternut squash 1 onion 3 garlic cloves 1500ml chicken stock Creme fraiche CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: Con tact me on: WHELPDALEK@GMAIL.COM KERRYWHELPDALE@CHANNELMUM.COM SOCIALMEDIA ❤ Instagram: ❤ Twitter: ❤ Facebook: ❤ Pinterest :.





  1. Kerry you should be on T.V you are destined to host. You absolutely have what it takes 👌

    Recipes look amazing, theres a few I'm going to try because I mainly just make lentil and smoked bacon soup which is good but need a wee change I think so thankyou for this video 😊

  2. Great ideas 👍😊 i love making Tom Yum soup.. I recently found a recipe for Harvest soup, it's butternut Squash, apple, curry powder, cinnamon, stock and sour cream….. Oh my goodness its delicious 😋😊it was on Our tribe of Many you tube channel… Sarah's dad made it

  3. These look amazing, will defo attempt Tom yum soup at some point😎, can i make a suggestion please now that we can't enjoy rretaurants as much can you do some boujie on a budget meals, e.g like a lobster dish or replicate fancy restaurant food meals on a budget☺

  4. Hey Kerry, hope you are well I am good and well good morning love this 6 simple soup recipes video so much. These soup recipes ideas are really delicious, simple and easy soups to make in the evenings for dinner time as the whether is get colder and wet and soups do warm us all up in the winter, cold and wet whether. There is a good variety of different soups that I really enjoyed seeing from you. You can always choose the soups that you really like and enjoy doing having with your family soup altogether at home. I really like all of the soups that you made and showed us how to make different types of homemade soups. Soups can be warmed up and you can having the soups that you made for dinner. If you have any leftovers of any types of soups. You can always have the soups leftovers for the lunches the next few days at home. My favourite soups that I really like are the chicken soup broccoli and potato soup so much because I like having any soups that are homemade and delicious for me. The other soups that I enjoy are tomato soup, tomato and basil soup potato and leek soup and lentil soup Chunky Bolognese with penne pasta soup so much because all of these soups sounds delicious and tasty homemade cooked at home maybe can you use my ideas of different soups in your next video soon. I really enjoy having soups because soups do warm me up in a colder wet whether outside every time at home. Can I also have your reply about my comment please and can you also tell me what is the name of the new video which is coming on Tuesday evening please in your reply back to me. Can we see more what I eat in a day groceries hauls day in the life morning and evening night routines cleaning motivation clean with me clean and organise with me clothing hauls 25 gift ideas hacks tips recipes ideas meal preparation lunch ideas back to school morning and evening night routines more pack lunches ideas get it all done with me videos. Take care stay safe and well. Have a lovely enjoyed relaxed weekend. See you on Tuesday evening with a new video.😊🎈🎉🦋🌹🎂🌺💐🌼🐝🌷⭐️🌸👸🌈🌻🦜🦓😀🥀🇹🇷☀️🦒🎍🎃🎂🌹🌸🎉🎈🌺🐝


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