6 Satisfying Salads That Won’t Bore You


Hello Food Wishers! Chef John’s Corporate Overlords here with 6 satisfying salads that won’t bore you! No, we don’t usually get excited about salad, but these recipes will change your mind! The Big Fat Greek Salad may look simple, but it perfectly marries all the Mediterranean flavors you love. Chef John’s Brutus Salad is ready to eliminate the Caesar Salad as America’s favorite, while his Crispy Panzanella brings stale bread back to life in the most delicious way. Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of Smashed Cucumber Salad or something as inventive as the Egg Roll in a Bowl, Chef John has the perfect salad recipe for you!

Big Fat Greek Salad:

The Brutus Salad:

Egg Roll in a Bowl:

Smashed Cucumber Salad:

Crispy Panzanella:

Blue Cheese Walnut Chicory Salad:

00:00 Big Fat Greek Salad
08:35 The Brutus Salad
16:06 Egg Roll in a Bowl
24:21 Smashed Cucumber Salad
30:50 Crispy Panzanella
38:25 Blue Cheese Walnut Chicory Salad





  1. I've made versions of that Greek salad before but the way you do it is the best! The fresh oregano, salting the cucumber and the vinegar first tip really made the difference!!! Also the multicolor cherry tomatoes is so much better than the diced romas like I was doing. Dipping french bread in that juice is one of the greatest things on this planet! I left the cheese out, hope you aren't mad lol.

  2. I love how you always take time to be sassy and fun about cooking, it adds such a personal touch and relieves the stress of following recipes to the word. Yes, have a toasted pecan while cooking. have your nose burnt by the dijon. it's an all senses activity after all, not a chemical experiment.

  3. Greek salad is by far the best. No fancy needed.

    Red onions, cucumbers, Bell pepper ,tomato, olives with stone (tell the guests),feta cheese (cheap is fine too ) and fresh lemon squeezed ontop with salt, some coarse pepper, and oregano, or assortment of Southern (european) herbs and optional : flat whole parsley-leaves .

    So simple, thick, zesty and is the only cold salad I find needs no meat: even though it goes well with feta stuffed coarse oregano-meatballs as a side.

    Serve with flatbread and yoghurt.

  4. I sometinss make a vegan version of Greek salad. I toss diced tofu with a bit of red wine vinegar, oregano , and ketchup it infuse before adding to the rest of the ingredients. My secret to a perfect greek salad is a tiny bit of chopped fresh mint .

  5. Your delivery and approach suggest we are in about the same range so far as culture is concerned. I think I have a right to comment on your public statements. And given that, I feel compelled to say that when you give a recipe for Brutus Salad?

    Too soon.