6 Salad Mistakes Most Beginners Make


Today, we cover 6 mistakes most beginner home cooks make that can cause a homemade salad to flop and how to fix them.

▪ Grilled Chicken Salad:
▪ Orzo Salad:
▪ Brussels Sprouts Salad:
▪ Buffalo Chicken Salad:

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0:00 Salad Intro
0:31 1 – Limiting the salad to a single base
1:34 2 – Not making homemade dressings
3:48 3 – There’s too much water
4:52 4 – Constructing the salad without intention
6:37 5 – Not cutting the salad components small enough
7:15 6 – Underdressing your salad

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  1. slicing your cherry tomatoes? i mean, that's fair, but consider that then you can't fish them out and pop them in your mouth while thinking, "ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB" and tbh that's where 99% of my salad-eating joy comes from

  2. The real gamechanger for salad is to grow your own. Lettuce and arugula are particularly easy and can be done in pots on a balcony or even window sill. I'm currently chomping down on a salad of chinese snake cucumber, yellow cocktail and red oxtail tomatoes that I all grew myself.

  3. Another great vlog in the books. Thanks, Ethan. Again.

    Quick question?

    Where did you get the rack/paper towel holder on the side of your fridge?

    Have wondered about it many times, as I'm sure tens of thousands of people have, as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    Might want to mention it in one of your next few vids? It's ergo, maximizes vertical storage in the kitchen, de-clutters counter space, etc.

    Every household in America needs one, right?

    Take care, from a major fellow foodie and huge fan somewhere near Seattle.


  4. As someone who is on a diet right now, I'd appreciate more diet-friendly dressing options 😛 Since those mentioned in the video are basically doubling the caloric intake of the whole salad, even if used sparingly. I believe that most people eat salads to limit their calory intake and they don't take into account the dressings used, ultimately making them disappointed in salads as an option (not losing weight due to the high calorie intake from the dressing).

  5. I tried that shawarma salad and it must have been the first time I absolutely fell in love with a salad. it was amazing my kitchen smelled heavenly when I put the chicken on the grill. definitely on my lunch meal rotation!