6 Healthy & Easy Mothers Day Brunch Ideas For All Skill Levels


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for some simple but delicious recipes to surprise your mom, then this post is for you. Here are six healthy and easy-to-make Mother’s Day brunch ideas that even those with zero experience in the kitchen can prepare.
Printable recipes:
6-Week Clean Eating Program:

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  1. I love the avocado toast idea, it is so easy, delicious, and nutritional. For the giveaway entry, my mom is the best because she continues to grow and work on herself to be a better person every day. She led by example, worked really hard as a single mom, and taught us the worth of working with your hands and the importance of planning. She also always found a way to have enough for our needs at home and to give to people in need. We learned about compassion and selfless love from her. Moreover, she taught us about the importance of faith, being a friend, and the power of dreams. Today, my siblings and I celebrate her every opportunity we can, not just on Mother's Day.

  2. What a great collection of recipes! My Mom passed away, but my Mom could do any task that needed to be done. Chop firewood, plant a garden and can the proceeds, sew, quilt and cook – she didn’t like to cook, but her basics were healthy and good.

  3. Lorena, Another delicious video, thank you! My mom lives in my heart – she was widowed young, nursed me through cancer… was the strongest woman I ever knew… an amazingly positive outlook on whatever came her way – she exuded love for her family—children and grandchildren—and I’m so lucky and grateful to have been her daughter.