5 years on KETO…things have changed


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After eating a Keto / Carnivore / Ketovore diet for 5 years, here are some changes that I made along the way.
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  1. I love that you said that you eat for you not according to the rules. I get that because originally i started on straight carnivore and missed my variety so much that i ended up eating more of a meat based diet. I eat onions, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and avocado in small amounts occasionally, which aren't carnivore but my body likes it.

  2. Keto is not a diet of specific foods, it is a metabolic state, and there are a number of different strategies to achieve that state. I have been dealing with metabolic syndrome for 20 years, and in recent years I've had to add CKD to my list of problems. Following dietary recommendations of my doctors and the American diabetes association, never led me to good results. When I first discovered the keto diet within the past couple of years. I first did what some influencers talk about, eating lots of bacon, butter, beef which all has copious amounts of saturated fats. This did not work so well for me because all my cholesterol markers got worse. Including the dangerous VLDL and triglycerides. I ended up watching videos from Dr Eric Westman and Thomas DeLauer who both stress that keto does not need to be a high fat diet. In fact you still need to be watching calories because the point is to put your body in ketosis to burn stored body fat. And this does not happen if there is glucose in your blood, or if there is a large amount of fat consumption as a fuel supply. You need to get the carbs to a minimum, and eat more protean, and fat should be moderate. My fat choices come from fish, olive oil and other monounsaturated sources. Your body needs to recognize that it is not getting the food it needs, and then it says "uh oh. We better use our emergency storage, and it starts drawing out body fat as ketone bodies. But to do this there needs to be no glucose, or at least minimal glucose, and calories need to be somewhat restricted.

    This is what has worked for me. and my fasting glucose and A1C have dropped to close to normal levels, my blood pressure is completely normal and my cholesterol has balanced out to levels that are not of significant concern. I have also lost belly fat and now am at the weight I was at in my 20s. The CKD… well once you have it it's hard to get rid of, but the damage has not gotten worse and it is still in stage 3, which is fine if it stays that way. There are some dietary methods being talked about to reverse CKD, but so far I haven't had much luck. The health adventure continues.

  3. I'm sold on Keto! Been doing it for 13 months or so. My blood glucose is no longer in diabetic range and I no longer need BP meds. All my blood markers are back in "normal" range. A low-carb/fasting lifestyle saved my life as far as I'm concerned. My humble advice to anyone contemplating the Keto lifestyle would be: Following a diet regime that eliminates from, or at the very least, limits empty carbs in one's diet, does oneself and their family a huge service. Keep up the good work. Let's not leave our loved ones before we have to🙂

  4. I have organic coffee with MCT powder and 2 scoops of collagen most days. I think MCT oil helps my brain and the collagen helps my joints. I'm 70, mostly carnivore. I had anaplasmosis last year, was quite sick from it, better now but not completely well.

  5. Yes I've been doing keto for 10 months and happy with my weight lose of 42 lbs so now just have the odd take out and have fries sometimes but like you I love the Keto diet and really enjoying the foods I now eat and cooking with good quality fats🎉

  6. Sitting here now, after a bowl of chicken nuggets thinking, damn, going to bed hungry again tonight😒. I don’t know that a strict carnivore diet, will work for me because I get “taste bored” after eating meat, only, within a few minutes of eating. Like, ok, I’ve had enough of that but here I am, still hungry. Believe me, I put this pressure on myself especially since I am seeing results but I started out around mid jan, with keto, wasn’t drinking enough water so the results weren’t satisfying.