5 VEGAN TURKISH RECIPES | Delicious, Easy, Healthy


I’m here with 5 of my favourite Turkish recipes. I really hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it!

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  1. So when I went to my supermarket, there were no aubergines. So I improvised and got things for the Turkish stuffed peppers instead. Girl! That filling for the peppers is insane! I posted on Facebook and used your name as a hashtag if you'd like to see a picture or two of my Turkish Peppers at my house!

  2. Im turkish and i never rlly payed attention to what goes into our foods so i always thought most of our meals include some type of meat or they r not vegan or vegetarian in general. But since i started getting more into consuming less meat i realized we have a looot of foods that are perfect for vegans and they are also different for like americans or so. This is a great video btw i rlly needed this