5 Simple, Cheap, and Healthy Recipes


When it comes to making healthy meals, some of Dr. Gundry’s favorites are incredibly low-budget – and you can bang them out using fewer than 5 ingredients – total.

Miracle noodles with pesto and broccoli (0:22)
Stir-fry shrimp with bok choy (0:50)
French omelette and salad (1:21)
Portobello Mushroom Pizza (2:20)
Baked sweet potato with garlic and kale (3:00)

To check out how to make the meals in this video click the link to the official Dr. Gundry Blog:

Watch Dr. Gundry cook some of these recipes himself! Check them out here:

Stir-fry shrimp with bok choy:

Portobello Mushroom Pizza:

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  1. I wish he did some videos on foods for kids. Sure if you have always fed them this, they would be used to it. But what if your child is 5yrs old. There is no way you can switch him from pizza to mushroom pizza. So what are some small changes to make that are easy and over time you get there? We already don't buy pizza, we make our own. So is it make your own pizza sauce without skin and seeds in tomoto before cooking? Is it switching the dough for another type of dough?