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Happy Sunday! I hope you guys enjoy this insight to my go to meals. There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in this video and I show you how to make them all. They are all easy and most of them quick to make as well. You find everything mentioned in the video linked below in case you want to make it yourself. Feel free to share your go to meals in the comments – I’d love to hear about them!

Malin x



Oat recipes:
Bircher muesli –
Date and tahini oatmeal –
Creamy coconut oats with cinnamon apples –
Golden turmeric porridge –
Quick steel cut oatmeal –

Blueberry and peanut butter smoothie –
Tropical green smoothie –

Nourish bowl recipes:
Winter meal prep with three nourish bowl combos –
Winter goodness bowl with roasted pumpkin –
Colourful bowl with baked tempeh –
Fresh and crunchy summer bowl –

Dal palak/Spinach dal –
Chana masala –
Baingan bharta by Cook with Manali –
Chana chaat by Veg Recipes of India –

Classic hummus recipe –

Umami seeds –


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  1. Soo nice you sharing some traditional Indian foods that you've been learning. During these Covid times I have really invested time into learning traditional Korean cooking, making my own kimchi and bibimbap and Korean soups and stews, because I was missing the Korean restaurants I used to live near to in London. It's been such a joy in such a complex time. Also so impressed you used the word arsenal aha I am British and I don't think I've ever used that word aha! Tack så mycket Malin!

  2. As usual, you've produced a beautiful and accessible video of the most delicious food I've ever seen! 🙂 I've made many of your recipes and they always turn out and are really popular in my family. In fact, I always keep a jar of pickled red onions in the fridge because of you! I would LOVE to see a spring-inspired meal prep. Is that something you would consider for a future video? Thank you for your fantastic videos and recipes!

  3. My vegan diet consists of most of the dishes you eat weekly. Although my meals are delicious, they never look as beautiful as your recipes. I have been following you for a few months and you challenged and inspired me on creating not just delicious meals but pleasing to the eye as well.

  4. Dahls: They are just so amazing and comforting! Definitely a meal for those colder days – very warming and filling!
    Also, I hope you know the channel of Nisha Vora (aka Rainbow Plant Life)! She has some incredible vegan dishes from your favourite part of the world in their original and more modern versions 🙂

  5. Smoothie: not a smoothie person at all ( I prefer to eat my food than drink it ;P) but in the summer, I do sometimes make these. Especially a fan of a wild blueberry or strawberry based smoothies but I never add bananas – just not my thing. Highly recommend adding some plant based yoghurt for that creamy mouthfeel if you want to switch thing up from time to time!

  6. Oats: I am too lazy to cook these on the stovetop and I prefer them thicker BUT other than that, I really like the add-ins and toppings you chose! Nut butter, flax, sth crunchy (nuts, seed puffed grains) and fruits are all musts for me! I also really like them savoury from time to time as it is a tasty way to switch up this simple but nutritious meal!

  7. Kost är väldigt logiskt. Vi äter inte enbart för att stilla hungern utan vi äter för att fylla våra kroppar med alla de näringsämnen vi behöver. Ett äpple innehåller mer näring än raffinerat socker, och en avokado innehåller mer näring än ett äpple. Så alltså finns det en tydlig hierarki när det kommer till näring i mat. Vad är det allra mest näringsrika i naturen? De flesta skulle svara mjölk för det är logiskt eftersom att naturen ansett att en människa och ett däggdjur i sitt tidigaste stadie kan överleva exklusivt på opastöriserad modersmjölk i flertalet år om så skulle vara fallet. Mjölk är oerhört näringsrikt och har dessutom lättupptaglig näring. Så om huvudsakliga syftet med att äta är att fylla våra kroppar med näring så vore det ologiskt att inte äta det allra näringsrikaste vilket är kött, organ och mejeriprodukter. Kroppen behöver inte lägga ner mer energi än nödvändigt för att smälta maten och utvinna näring. Alla vet även att frusen eller torkad mat inte är lika nyttig och näringsrik som färsk mat eftersom enzymer och nyttiga bakterier dör av detta. Vad som däremot inte är så vedertaget är att även tillagning av mat förstör näringsämnen och hälsosamma bakterier. När du steker en köttbit eller spenat så adderas det ingen näring i stekpannan. Eld är för det mesta destruktiv. Så logiskt borde det betyda att äta råa animaliska produkter är det mest hälsosammaste eftersom huvudsakliga syftet med att äta är näring. Fyll gärna i vart min logik sviktar och förklara hur en lägre livsform, dvs mat som består av växtceller och inte djurceller innehåller mer näring. Sen förstår jag att kost är kulturellt förknippad samt att folk äter för att tillfredsställa smaklökarna, men det är inte relevant eftersom deras syfte inte är optimal kost och hälsa.

  8. I like to eat a version of something called "baião de dois" here at northeast of Brazil. Its rice and green beans with little cubes of pumpkings and a type of gherkin very common here in these region, called "maxixe". In the original recipe goes cheese and dried beef, so obviously they are out for a vegan version. Come here guys and I'll cook for you and Rob! Beijo!!!

  9. Thank you for this nice video. The third possibility for oats is simply to pour over them boiling water, and leave them (it doesn't take long for them to become soft), and then add other ingredients. I like to add a smoothie made of banana, dates, flax and chia seeds, goji berries, nut butter, cocoa powder spirulina, maca,… and on top of that cut, all kinds of fruits I have in the house. After that, there is no need for snacks, just one more meal in a day is more than enough (even if you train hard or you are a Ballerina or an Ultrarunner or a Superman,…).

  10. Brussel sprouts, coconut, chickpeas, sweet potato,black sesame, romaine lettuce, flax seeds, cocoa, spinach and dates are good. The others are garbage and harmful. Replace them with dragon fruit, watermelon, prickly pears, bitter oranges, pomegranate, raisins,sapodilla, green beans, okra, spring onions, chestnuts, dulse, oyster mushrooms, taro, coriander.

  11. Well it’s no secret I love all your videos. This one is once again very well put together and I love the recipes. But I guess what I love even more is reading the comments. They’re all so nice and supportive and I’m so glad you’re getting known to the world and there’s so much positivity here. You deserve all of this and even more! Keep it up Malin, you’re very appreciated.
    Kind regards,

  12. Your plating is always absolutely gorgeous! Makes me very excited for spring because I’m thinking of all these combos, the herbs and spices. Inspired to make some nourish bowls for lunch this week. And maybe a daal for dinner – I serve it like soup too lol. It’s like a hug in a bowl.

  13. I just tried the blueberry smoothie. I added cauliflower and zucchini which I had in the freezer. It was delicious! I also like to make chana masala with jasmine rice. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. I have to work at eating more vegetables. Will be making the hummus next.

  14. I have enjoyed your videos immensely! You are delightful!♥️💝 Every one of your recipes looks delicious. Do you have a cookbook? If not, I highly recommend that you do. It would be a best seller! Thank you for your constant inspiration 🙏🏼

  15. I enjoyed this video with my morning oats 😍 Lately I'm putting cardamom, blueberries (frozen), flax and chia seeds, maple syrup to sweeten plus walnuts and coconut flakes! This was so full of helpful info + inspiration! I definitely want to try your hummus bowl meals! Thank you Malin! 💖

  16. Not boring at all! I eat all of these things regularly so it is nice to see how you eat them so I can change things up without too much effort. You could be talking about showing clips of how to freeze ice and it would be aesthetically pleasing enough to watch.


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