5 Low Carb Snack Meals for Diabetics that Don't Spike Blood Sugar


My top 5 easy to make healthy low carb snacks. They are tasty and don’t spike my blood glucose. I know that my blood sugar will not rise or rise relatively slowly after eating these meals. That’s why these snacks are perfect to increase blood sugar time in range. These low carb options are perfect for type 1 and type 2 diabetics as well as (with slight variations) for those on a keto diet.

0:00 5 delicious low carb snack or appetizer meals
0:29 Fresh guacamole with low carb tortilla chips
1:34 Smoked salmon and cucumber bites
2:49 Roasted almonds with smoked chilly peppers
3:38 Roasted red beet hummus
4:55 High fat Greek yoghurt with berries

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  1. I LOVE avocado so for breakfast I will have avocado on rice or corn thins. And then at night we will have strawberries & blueberries as our snack with a herbal tea as my partner is on a keto diet. So it makes food & eating so much easier for both of us 😁🇦🇺💕

  2. Its aowsm 🥺

    Plzz help mee I dont know how to hydration my feet without make any mistake 💔💔
    Im to scary and I dont have any one to ask and i fell my feet to dry but as u know only bad thing and scarest posted for diabtic 💔
    If any one can help me I’ll be thankfull

  3. Thanks !! I’m going to try some of these! I have a big garden and right now I’m eating a lot of broiled summer squash, onions then topped with Parmesan cheese. I recently bought a Free Style Libra per your recommendation and it has helped me control my eating so much better then finger pricking. I was able to follow the glucose levels really well for the squash and was amazed how safe it was for me. Thanks again for sharing your experience

  4. Hi…I just got my first Libre 2 unit…I have questions…1) how do you delete reminders? 2) why does my reader need charging often? 3) will placing the sensor on my chest area give me accurate readings–because everywhere in the booklets and videos (except yours) says you need to attach the sensor on the back of your arm–I find it gets in the way of my normal activities…thanks

  5. Hi Tom, for non-diabetics, drinking a glass of wine or a shot of hard alcohol with carbs can decrease the blood sugar spike, does this work for diabetics as well? From what I understand alcohol stops your liver from releasing sugar into your blood. Just curious. Thank you for teaching me so much from your videos. I had gestational diabetes, so now I pay a lot more attention to my blood sugar levels.

  6. I have never eaten a beet. My favorite snack is toasted sliced almonds with unsweetened shredded dried coconut. If you miss the crunch of cereal in the morning, you can put the almond/coconut mixture in a bowl with yogurt or watered down heavy whipping cream topped by blueberries. Your snacks look delicious.except maybe beet hummus 😀

  7. Love those kind of videos, thank you! Can you share where you get the low carb tortilla chips from? I am really interested. I recently tried a recipe to make low carb flaxseed bread, super delicious and no insulin needed 🙂

  8. Very educational..Thank you so much. I have just been diagnosed as a T2 and now seriously have to control what I eat otherwise my next step is insulin. Your instructions are easy to follow and your suggestions are well thought out and explained. Keep up the good educational videos.