5 Keto Products That We Can’t Live Without!


These products are our essential on our keto weight loss journey! If you are starting keto you need to see this!

Dash Chaffle maker:
Dash 4 at a time waffle (chaffle) maker –
Almond flour:
Lupin flour:
Xanthan gum:
Palmini variety pack:
LMNT electrolyte powder variety pack (it’s delicious!)-
LMNT 30 pack citrus salt (our favorite) –

Our chaffle recipe:

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The staple keto products that we highly recommend:
Favorite almond flour:
Favorite chaffle maker:
Favorite keto brown, granulated & confectioner sugar 3 pack:
Favorite keto cookies (use THEKETOTWINS at checkout for 10% off):
Favorite electrolyte powder (it’s delicious!)-
Keto pecan pie spread (it’s incredible) –

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  1. Electrolytes: my sister was drinking a huge amount of electrolytes because of muscle cramps and was retaining a lot of water from too much salt. I told her I just take extra potassium for muscle cramps and hardly take any pre-formulated electrolytes at all.

  2. Enjoy watching your channel! Thank you for all your keto tips & recipes 🙂
    Started the keto lifestyle last year and one of the food items that helped me stay on track was the use of the low carb wraps (Mission Carb Balance). They may not have the “cleanest” ingredients, but, they served as a great alternative to bread, rice or pasta. They also work as a replacement for chips – cut up into small pieces, spray w some avocado oil, salt & pepper, then toast in an oven (of course served w guacamole!).
    Also, saw how you toasted cauliflower until dry and added spices – what a great idea! Never liked the mushy cauliflower rice and hoping to enjoy this version. Thank you and keep up the good content!

  3. I had that cooling effect like the first two times that I tried erythritol but I haven’t had it since and I absolutely love swerve and the lakanto blend. I will say that erythritol does start to crystallize in certain baked foods after a certain amount of time in the fridge, so if that’s an issue that may be a reason to try something else. I haven’t tried allulose but I may give it a try for the sake of variety.

  4. …embark on your journey… Totally accurate! I used splenda way before keto to the point of body saying okay all done! – migraine headaches. 🤯 I haven't had had it in years…Loved it though… magnesium glycinate was and is an essential for my foot cramps.🦶

  5. I tried xanthan gum in chaffles and 🤢🤢🤢I still have I need to try it for a roast. I do spaghetti squash. I looked for the palm noodles but couldn't find them locally.i dont miss pasta. Noodles are way too watery. Always love you lovelies and thanks for great content

  6. Some additional items I have found helpful with the Keto diet are Farmhouse Culture fermented veggie drink with natural probiotics. Since I usually drink Kombucha for that, it’s helpful to have something with 1 g carbs as opposed to the higher sugar options. The garlic dill flavor is really good. I take Now brand Konjac root powder with water glucomannan mixed in water. It expands in your stomach and gives a feeling of amazing fullness. They make noodles out of konjac root too, but I just use it in water. Sometimes there’s little chewy pieces that form that are really nice to chew on-like little gummies. Then as well, I really like Lono grass fed beef or chicken bone broth packets w/ hot water. I order them from Amazon.They help keep my immunity up, and sometimes I mix them with plain collagen or HWC. Jelly Belly (Jelly bean company) makes unsweetened sparkling water now. They are highly carbonated and make you feel so full! Have flavors like pina colada, watermelon, orange cream etc) I love sparkling water! Make you feel full.

  7. I have a huge addiction to tacos and my friends (Some Non Keto) love getting together to for game night and we make a taco bar by bringing different items. The reason I am telling you this is for the shell I love either using Jicama Wraps or Eggslife tortillas (comes in different flavors). The both of you gave me a wonderful idea or even better, the Eggslife tortillas are just egg whites and xanthum gum. These are kinda expensive. But what is we try to make them at home? I love the suggestion of mixing salt, xanthum gum and spices and just put them in the egg whites and cook them on the stove in a pan? I wonder if this would work? What is your opinion?

  8. Try Costco Healthy Noodle I think that is the best pasta replacement noodle. Rinse thoroughly but it downer have a smell or odor and looks and feels more like a noodle than the shiitake noodles. Those are nasty but living noodles are good.

  9. I really like nutritional yeast, I used to be a vegetarian, but it wasn't for me, but took their nutritional yeast anyway. It has an umami taste, is used as a cheese substitute or to add cheesy flavor. It helps thicken soups and sauces when added at the end of cooking, to not break down the vitamins. 2 tbsp has 2 net carbs, 8 grams of protein, and the fortified version is full of b-vitamins, which I have trouble absorbing. I sprinkled some on top of my keto chili tonight because the meat and avocado already left the chili pretty oily, I didn't want to add more with cheese as a garnish. It also thickened up the broth. I see some keto people using it in lasagna, zucchini noodles, sprinkling it on veggies, mixing it in mashed cauliflower. It's just so tasty and full of protein and vitamins, I sprinkle it on a lot of stuff. I just remembered how amazing it is in keto jambalaya instead of thickening with a flour based roux, for those of us who like spice in our lives. Yum yum!

  10. I'm 10 months in to keto and after a half year I started to get leg a foot cramps every night. So I take electrolyte drops, magnesium and potassium supplements and eat avocados. It helps but hasn't stopped the cramps. I rarely use the Dash Mini anymore, opting for the Dash No-Mess waffle maker which makes 4 square chaffles at a time, each a little bigger than the round Dash Mini ones. I've used Xanthan Gum for a long time from watching Heavenly Fan and always mix it in the the dry ingredients separately. Still haven't found a good pasta replacement, certainly not like I've found for the sweet goodies.

  11. Shiritake noodles need to be quickly blanched and cooked in a hot dry pan until they stop steaming. At that point you can add any sauce to them and they absorb the taste of the sauce. I have tried the hearts of palm pasta, and I like it, but I found it to be too pricey. Near me, only Whole Foods carries it, and it's their own in-store brand. Lupin flour makes the best faux pasta; however, it is not sold near me, even in Whole Foods, and it is too expensive online.