5 Keto Diet Tips I Wish I Knew Back in 2015


Dang…. I wish I would have known this stuff earlier!

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  1. Totally agree. Never felt right doing totally keto, felt yucky, heart palps etc. Closing eating window to 6 or 4 or even sometimes OMAD, then having seasonal fruit or some root veggies, much much more satisfying, easier. Much more effective weight lose and easier to sustain reasonable exercise. Eating the right nutrients and eating clean also very beneficial, accelerates health so much.

  2. What I have learned from researching and watching videos about Keto, low to very low carb diets and intermittent fasting in 2020 is…

    1. The American people, and to some extent the people of the world, have been screwed by the giant food industry and all the so called Health and Heart Associations which are in the pockets of the giant food industry. Examples would be the so called food pyramid which is actually inverted (what a joke,) low fat diets, low sodium diets, high carbs over fats, shitty man made oils over natural fats and oils…

    2. We have been lied to over our our cholesterol numbers in order to convince us to buy and use Statin drugs for the rest of our lives. Big Pharma learned from the big food industry how to trick us into buying their products even when they are killing us.

    3. GMO foods designed to be grown while sprayed with Round Up is poisoning the people of the world. Do you not think that bad/dangerous chemicals become part of the plants we eat that was sprayed with poison? Eat Certified Organic veggies and fruit.

    4. Don’t believe a God Damn thing that the World Health Organization tells us. Everything they say is motivated by money and power which supersedes their desire to tell the truth and save lives. If history has taught us anything it is that the lives of millions of people, tens of millions of people or even more mean absolutely nothing when it comes to people or groups of people seeking riches and power.

    5. This is the best example of how mega industries have used us as Guinea Pigs as they suck the money from us while killing us. Big food industry turn us into diabetics while Big Pharma sucks more money out of our pockets selling us drugs to “manage” our diabetes as the government promotes the diets and foods that keep us sick and on meds until we end up in clinic having our blood dialysis twice a week so we can survive longer in order to keep buying the foods that are killing us and the medicines that prolong our lives. Do you see the vicious cycle? Do you get it now?

    I personally lost 45 pounds in six months on Keto with intermittent fasting. I eat less food because my eating window is only 6 hrs each day. The money I save on less food is reinvested in better food, organic, grass fed and finished, free range, no hormone or antibiotics… My first blood work results since being on Keto were amazing! Low LDL, high HDL, low triglycerides, yet my misinformed doctor tried to convince me (once again) to go on a statin because my cholesterol and total cholesterol were “outside the suggested range.” Who do you think came up with the “Suggested Range?” Why has this so called safe range been lowered repeatedly over the years? To keep doctors prescribing Statins! Statins, the number one prescribed drug in America, the bread and butter (excuse my pun) of Big Pharma! The biggest money maker for big Pharma!
    Stop being sheep! Turn off your TV’s and get out of your “Lazy Boy” recliners. Read, research, question, debate, seek out the truth and never trust big food, big pharma, or your government, because governments are just a group of power and money grubbing people who are all pieces of dung. We are the only ones who can save ourselves from this giant conspiracy of evil corporations.

  3. I wish I would have known earlier how toxic and unnatural keto is. I would have skipped weight gain, heart arrhythmia, all kinds of shit and lastly a stroke.
    Today I eat my carbs again and my health is back. Liar, charlatan and criminal youtube wannabe guru!

  4. When you are in Keto, a big chunk of your expended calories will come from your stored bodyfat. This is why you donʻt need to consume as many calories per day. Youʻve been carrying those calories around for a long time, now itʻs time to burnʻem.
    Do not eat any fruit or high fructose corn syrup (in all processed foods) because fructose metabolism and ketone production use the same metabolic pathways in the liver. Processing the fructose will block/inhibit ketone production.
    Consider an electrolyte replacement powder (no sugar) to keep your levels up when you are doing keto or fasting.

  5. 3) Have more salt. True! I had hypertension (170/120) at 41 and was told by my NP to significantly reduce salt intake, but after I was diagnosed with T2D (diabetes), I started Dr. Fung's 24 hour fasting protocol, and still doing it after 4 months…the results speak for themselves: BP – 125/80, BG – 96 mgpdL, Weight -20 pounds down!

  6. My world fell apart the day my wife was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver. The oncologist assured me it wouldn't be an easy ride but they'll be able to control it with effective treatments, chemos and medications. I knew they were only trying to make us better because I made my research and if i was to be honest with myself it's always a 50/50 thing. Fast forward and after 2 chemos she couldn't just take anymore. I prayed and did everything I could care for her because I knew very well if she was in my shoes she'll do the same and lots more. Taking care of the kids with little help from her was the hardest part.
    I started to research online for every cure I could find. Tea, CBD, Hemps and THC oils, creams I used them all. Her condition was stable sometimes but she wasn't improving. I found a Traditional Holistic herbalist in Mexico and he prepared his herbs for us" Apollo essential oil and tea" which he claimed had a special carrier oil (not made from cannabis or hemps), he also changed her diet to a clean protocol which we followed. WHATS THE HARM IN TRYING so I thought to myself, and I used this essential oil along with the tea without any faith in it or whatsoever just so her condition could be stabled. It's been over a year now the scans are clear, no tumors and cancer markers in blood are at normal range. The cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by the oncologist, my wife is kicking just fine.
    These herbal meds helped my dear wife into "NED". I know there is no one approach to curing and fighting cancer as every individual and their case is different, cancer is tricky. But In the end I see no harm in trying from all angles to aligning your body to be strongest in assisting and fighting this horrible disease. Here is his contact; drehimenherbal@gmail.com
    I believe this saved someone and i also hope someone can also share their testimony to the world too.

  7. Hey Mike, any thoughts on the topic of adding more protein, as well as fat, when starting keto? (Tommy Wood and Bill Lagakos both mentioned this on the NBT podcast in 2018). I mention this as I definitely lost too much muscle but have since recovered it by eating more meat & fish, plus weight training of course!

  8. Please please help me I’ve been doing keto over 4 month’s I do two meals per day my lunch noon my dinner between 5 to 6 and I lost 25 pound I appreciate for that I’ve been watching your YouTube video helped me a lot
    I usually check my blood sugar before I go to bed it will be 94. 98 but when I wake up around 9 o’clockAm blood sugar always high 120 sometimes over without eating anything please tell me what to do or what I’m doing wrong


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