5 ingredient challenge! – what I eat in a day ( simple + vegan meals ) | budget friendly!


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Hey friends and welcome 🌞 to this fun 5 ingredient challenge! This was honestly such a funny challenge to bring into reality because I’ve been asking people this question for years! If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more of this type of challenge let me know and I can think of 5 completely different ingredients to make breakfast, lunch and dinner with!

sending so much love to all of you! 💛🥰✨🌞🥑🏔️


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  1. The 5 foods are very tough! I think I'd go for potatoes (or rice, still can't decide), lentils, tomatoes, apples and spinach but then there is really some fat missing, so if I can cheat and have olive oil like you, then I'd go for that, otherwise I'd replace the starch with nuts like walnuts. Spices same as you

  2. There is something similar to your rice pancake. Slightly different recipe but similar. We add cumin seeds and coconut flakes instead of chilli flakes. It is called oratti. It's a local cuisine in Kerala, India. By the way rice powder is a thing. There is a slight difference in which you powder rice though. Check an asian store for rice powder. There is brown rice powder and white rice powder.

  3. I used to cook meals in my home for a service and I had to learn quickly how to get rid of the smell of garlic! Just squeeze some lemon or lime juice onto your fingers and wash it away with soap. It also works to use coconut oil and wash it away.

  4. 5 foods – avocado, halloumi, broccoli , tofu , bread
    3 spices – Kala namak salt (to make scramble tofu) , cajan seasoning and garlic or nutritional yeast if I can add that to this category

    I know what my daughter would take
    Pasta , peanut butter , berries , cheese and chocolate😂