5 Easy KETOVORE meals we eat every week!


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Here are 5 simple KETOVORE meals that my family and I eat every week. As a busy mom, it’s important for me to be able to cook healthy meals for my family that don’t take a lot of time or ingredients.

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  1. My favorite lately has been a burger layered with bacon and cheese… Ribeyes with salt and butter is my all time favorite. Monthly I make chicken salad with sour cream, cheddar, and bacon and put it on pork rinds. Lastly chicken with no sugar added BBQ sauce layered with bacon and cheddar.

  2. Hair looks awesome. I like to eat Seaweed Sandwich. You place the sheet and cut the middle as if you are going to fold in four sides. You put sticky rice on one square side. Crab meat on another side, pieces of mango in the other and avocado with wasabi sauce on any of the sides. Then you start folding over each square. Vualah!! you have a Seaweed Sandwich. ☺️🙏🏼

  3. I do some sort of ground beef at least twice and sometimes three times a week (Bowls or burgers or with eggs.) Pork ribs are expensive here in the Northeast so once every two weeks. I will do steak (various cuts, whatever is on sale), stewed beef or a pork roast (my husband is Borrqua so he likes a stewed beef without all that starch but with sofrito and a small amount of tomato paste.) I will buy thin steaks and eat them with eggs frequently. I love a clean sausage with onions. The list goes on. it depends on what is on sale. Chicken wings/or whole legs work into the rotation frequently. A soup with bone broth, meat and some sort of green like chard/cabage/collards..always some onions and garlic. I will have seafood on sale about once a month or so.

  4. I just broke my fast with a steak fried in olive oil and butter. 😋 I've switched over to Carnivore because I have found pretty much every veggie tears me up and makes me feel bad. If I eat too much red meat, that makes me feel bad. Not sure why. 😕

    I have fibromyalgia, RA, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Celiac disease. I feel better eating this way

  5. Flat eggs are what I know as an omelette – season the eggs well, cook in a frying pan just for omelettes (seasoned before first use and never scrubbed, just cleaned and seasoned as needed) take it off the heat before it's set, throw some cheese on it and fold it in half, serve immediately and the heat will cook through the whole omelette – most delicious food in the universe.