4 SUPER SIMPLE Instant Pot Freezer Meal Soups!


❇️ PRE-ORDER MY NEW COOKBOOK! Hey guys! I’m Lisa Childs, welcome back! In this new video, I’ll be sharing with you a really cool video that I’ve been working hard on! It’s 4 incredibly quick and simple freezer meal soup recipes that you freeze first, then cook! Most recipes out there, you have to cook the soup first and then freeze. This makes it way easier to have a quick, weeknight meal that your whole family will love this fall! 0:00 Intro- Don’t forget, we’re going to COOK these soups so you can see what they look like! 0:30 2 Tips for Freezer Meals 1:43 Instant Pot Baked Potato Soup Freezer Meal 4:52 Instant Pot Lasagna Soup Freezer Meal 9:50 Ham, Potato, Corn Soup Freezer Meal 12:30 Chicken Enchilada Soup Freezer Meal ✅ New to Instant Pot Cooking? Check out my FREE Instant Pot 101 Video Series: 🎥Please SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos! 🛎 Some of my popular videos: 🔙 Last week’s video: a Full HOUR of Instant Pot Recipes 👍 WHICH INSTANT POT TO BUY: 👍26 GENIUS INSTANT POT TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: 👍26 Instant Pot DON’TS! 👍Best Instant Pot Accessories to Buy and Avoid! *My Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart: *My favorite steamer basket- *Freeze Meal Prep Bag Holders: *Chopper- Love this thing!!: *Thermapen Mk4 Cooking thermometer. Use it every single day – *Mini spatula set that I swear by: *Spoonful- Replaced all my utensils in the kitchen with this spatula! *Trivet I place under my air fryer and Instant Pot while cooking to protect my counters If you want my FREE recipes and printable PDF guide on How to Clean Your Instant Pot, sign up for my email list on my site: Follow me on Instagram @ InstantPot_Cooking ( *I may earn a commission on purchases you make through these affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for shopping my links! .





  1. Tip for freezing and shaping liquids is to freeze it for only 10-15 minutes first (or just enough for it to solidify enough to hold a shape). Then shape it however you'd like and continue freezing.
    Or, like you did, use the pot liner, but remove the liner after 10-15 minutes (or enough time for it to hold the shape) so you don't have a difficult time removing the bags because they're sticking after it's fully frozen.

  2. I want to make all four of these soups, but I can't find the recipe in your website. Will you be adding a printed recipe for each one? Please, please, please do!
    PS – have already ordered the bag holders. What a great tool. My husband make big batches of spaghetti sauce, and they'll be so much easier to use than what I've been doing.

  3. Hi Lisa, happy to see you. I’m very new to your channel and until following your instructions on how to make hard boiled eggs in the IP I was a virgin to using one. I’m still intimidated by my 3 quart IP above Mini, I’m thinking I’ll try to make spaghetti and meatballs next, bc it’s easy, I’ve got your vid saved for instructions on it as well. Beings I’ve got a 3 quart IP I’m assuming these soup recipes should all be halved, correct? I live alone so I know the quantity will be fine I’m just afraid I’ll do something stupid, I’ve got such a fear my IP is going to explode😱 I hope you’ll verify that for me. All of these souls look so delicious, I’m down for all of them👍 TYFS, stay safe and blessed♥️💫✨👼🏻✨💫♥️