4 meaty recipes that you won't believe are vegan


Today we are sharing 3 flavor-packed recipes using soy curls that will blow your mind! ✨ All recipes are linked below ♥️



(00:00) Intro
(01:11) Vegan Chicken Salad:
(05:04) Filipino Adobo Inspired Jerky:
(09:06) Vegan Filipino Barbecue:
(13:19) Vegan Carne Asada:
(16:35) Outro

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Sorry we did not get the banana ketchup post up on time, but regular ketchup works just as well in its place! 🙂

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  1. Always so jealous about Butler soy curls because NONE of those available in Europe have such an awesome texture and shape – they are spongy and so uniformy shaped no one would be fooled into it being any type of meat ;P Moreover, I don't have any chicken-flavoured bullion available either 😀 Having said that, I am just making the most with what I can get/make so I will gladly test your Adobo or Carne Asada with some homemade seitan!
    Anyways, sending you lots of love guys!
    Have a great week ahead!

  2. We love soy curls! Thank you for saying to rehydrate soy curls in broth! I don’t understand why you would ever rehydrate them in plain water. It seems like almost every recipe I see says rehydrate them in water and then flavor them. So weird & wasteful. ❤️