4 idiots do bad things…


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  1. Don't know if anyone is even gonna see this but ima put it out here anyway: My good friend and I used to play a lot of games together and the forest was one of them. We had so much fun getting scared shitless and lighting each other on fire and murdering innocent turtles so we can slide down hills on their shells (very fun would recommend). Watching the guys play this together really takes me back to those times (this was probably around 2018 maybe early 2019-ish). The reason I share this is because this friend I'm talking about commited suicide in february. At the time I had moved to another state and was focusing on college and hadn't talked to him or played games with him in a couple months. I just want to remind anyone reading this to not take the people in your life for granted. If you haven't talked to someone you were close to in a little while, check in with them and see how they're doing. Sorry if this was a bit depressing, I really just wanted to kinda put this out there for whatever reason. And if by some miracle somehow soup, dooo, mcnasty or yumi see this, thank you guys for making these videos. Like I said it really takes me back to the good ol days and the videos are always incredibly entertaining. love yall, that's all

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