A pantry staple a lot of us have is canned chicken, so today I’m sharing 4 simple recipes using it! If you are enjoying these pantry staples videos will you give this a thumb’s up and let me know in the comments below what staple is always in your pantry! 0:00 Hey y’all 0:54 Dill Pickle Chicken Salad 2:22 Seven Can Chicken Tortilla Soup 5:30 Easy Chicken Sandwich Melts 8:59 BBQ Chicken Pizza WANT TO KNOW OUR FAMILY’S FAVORITE MEALS? Watch these: Want to submit a Subbie Supper recipe to be featured in an upcoming Winner Dinners video? CLICK HERE: PLEASE THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Join my Instagram Fam! – @mandy_in_the_making I’m on Pinterest, too – My address: Mandy in the Making PO Box 582 Pauline, SC 29374 _________________________________________________________________________________ My AMAZON storefront where I have all my favorites linked: AUNTIE NONO’S SEASONINGS: Just add MANDY25 to the discount code box at checkout to get 25% off your entire order and shipping is always FREE! MY FAVORITE CHEF’S KNIFE: (This should automatically apply code MANDY for 20% off and free shipping over $75) MY VEGGIE CHOPPER (this one is the newer version): BEST COFFEEMAKER EVER!! (CARAFE & K-CUPS): MY PROGRAMMABLE CROCK POT: INSTANT POT (mine is the 6 qt DUO): COSORI AIR FRYER: BEST MOP I’VE EVER USED: MY FAVORITE COOKBOOK: MY FAVORITE T-SHIRTS: Use the code MANDY10 for 10% off! Use the code MANDYINTHEMKING for 15% off! ________________________________________________________________ Business & Collaboration Inquires – [email protected] Music Credits: Song: Little Idea *This video is NOT sponsored. Some of the links above are affiliate links that I earn a small commission from. They don’t raise your price paid. Thank you for supporting my small channel! #cannedchicken #chickenrecipes #easyrecipes #pantrystaples #mandyinthemaking .





  1. I make the same soup as this only I use Rotel tomatoes x2 I don't drain the corn and I add diced potatoes from the can instead of the white beans. And simmer for 20 min. Add about a half cup or more diced Velveeta (or more yes much more lol ). I always have diced chicken on hand. Another recipe I make is chicken / bacon crumbles from the bag Alfredo sauce and fettuccine noodles. I put chicken in the pot with a little olive oil. Add bacon. Get it going for a few minutes. Add Alfredo sauce your favorite or make your own from scratch pretty easy. And make the noodles to directions on the package. Sauce over the noodles and yummy. Sometimes I add broccoli or baby peas. 🤷 Easy
    Thanks Mandy I love your channel. ❤️ Marlaine Stoddard from Ripley, New York

  2. I keep can chicken around mostly to make things like you made, appetizers or quick "heavy" snacks it works great when you don't have a rotisserie or any thawed chicken.
    I love pineapple 🍍 on pizza!! Bacon is good on a chicken BBQ pizza too but what isn't better with bacon? Lol

  3. My wife hates spicy but I love it, hot sauce on mine ONLY. We pressure can our own chicken and use it for lots of quick meals. sandwiches, tacos, alfredo, ala king, pot pies (not that quick), chicken bacon ranch pizza, soup. very handy to have on hand.

  4. Hi Mandy, thank you for the recipes, always enjoy your channel. I do keep canned chicken on hand however it is home canned. I can both breast & thighs but separately. I use it often especially for quick meals as you just showed or chicken Alfredo, chicken & noodles, chicken enchiladas its so easy, soups & we often have it just on a big yummy salad, there are so many uses & like tuna once you have had home canned you wont want to use store bought. 😉

  5. Great ideas Mandy!! 😊🤗 I used to keep canned chicken but haven't in awhile. I have used canned chicken in buffalo chicken dip, yum! I use mozzarella instead of blue cheese since my family doesn't care for blue cheese or feta. I have grown to deal with those cheeses especially in a salad.

  6. Pineapple 1000% belongs on pizza. Especially if you grill a fresh pineapple beforehand and then place it on the pizza before you bake it. OH MY it’s good.
    We always have canned chicken on hand for salads, pizzas, pasta salads, burritos, Mac and Cheese … it’s shelf stable for a long time and super versatile.

  7. Yucky pineapple! Lol To each his or her own! 😆
    I’ve always kept canned chicken in my pantry. I make chicken pot pie with it. I also make tarragon chicken salad as well as poppy seed chicken. Oh, and white chicken enchiladas! Thank you for your recipes! I’m gonna try them all!!

  8. Hard pass on the pineapple on pizza. But it’s more to do with me not liking cooked/warm fruit, even in sweet/dessert dishes.

    Regarding canned chicken, I do keep it. But the only thing I really ever use it for is Buffalo chicken dip. I did try using it for chicken salad once, but I didn’t realize at the time that it was already salty and I added too much 😝 I need to try it again! Just no extra salt 🤪

  9. I’m loving the pantry staples!
    I’m team 🍍on my pizza. Especially if there’s bbq sauce involved.
    Years ago my aunt gave me her “cheater” chicken and dumplings recipe and it’s so yummy and I can whip it up in no time. Chop up a small onion or use some frozen ones, a can of chicken, a can each of cream of celery and cream of chicken soup season as you like, and if you want to make it seem like you did all the work, whip up some drop biscuits from a baking mix and drop them in once it starts to do a slow boil, turn the heat down and pop a lid on the Dutch oven (or whatever you are cooking in) and let the “dumplings” steam. Sometimes I add a can of peas and carrots but if I do I add another can of cream of chicken. It’s done in less than 30 minutes and it’s yummy. It’s perfect when you really want some chicken and dumplings but you have been at work all day. It’s the perfect busy day comfort food.